Fed Up with Feeling Fat, Bloated, and Mentally Foggy?

How to Lose 5 to 10 Pounds, Boost Your Energy, and Break Free From Cravings - In Just 3 Days

Discover the Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective Way to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss, Break Harmful Habits and Get Back on Track with Your Health

3-Day Group Cleanse Starting Soon on January 15th, 2016!

By Kevin Gianni & Frederic Patenaude

When my first son Hudson was born, my life flipped upside down. Within a week, I had a deeper appreciation for exactly what countless clients have meant when they’d tell me that “life gets in the way.”

Because I was so exhausted staying up with the baby, I started resorting to caffeinated beverages to make up for my sleep deprivation.

Rather than buying and cooking healthy and nutritious foods, I’d grab whatever was fast and easy.

The last thing I wanted to do was exercise (and honestly, I didn’t even think about it).

Fast forward nine months, and I was a sorry mess. I had gained 25 pounds. I’d get winded walking up the stairs. My skin look terrible. I was irritable, mentally foggy, and suffering from huge swings in energy and alertness.

Not exactly what you’d expect from a health blogger, right?

I knew that getting back on track would be difficult. After all, I had picked up a huge number of bad habits, and they all had to go!

But a “secret tool” put me back in control of my health and wellness again.

In the space of a 3-day weekend, I lost a whopping 5 pounds, jumpstarted my reintroduction of healthy habits, and broke the addiction to caffeine and simple carbs that I had developed during what I called “My Walk on the Dark Side.”

I went on to lose a total of 25 pounds... but it was all due to the initial jumpstart I got from the 3-Day Cleanse.

This secret health booster works quickly and easily. Best of all, you can use it whenever you need a jumpstart or to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

Do You Struggle With This, Too?

Our 40,000+ clients have experienced amazing results with their health by following our advice. Whether eating a diet rich in raw foods, doing a cleanse, trying a juice fast, or increasing the amount of organic foods they eat, they’ve unlocked greater levels of energy, lost weight, increased their focus and mental clarity, and much more.

But what I also know is … for every person who has done well, there ten times as many who haven’t seen results.

What’s the problem? Thanks to Google, all the information you could ever want is at your fingertips.

Instead, the problem is that …

Kevin 25 pounds overweight
Kevin at ideal weight, thanks to the Cleanse

Most Cleanses Are Too Long and Complicated

Then what happens? Failure undermines your confidence.

You create a cycle of failure, which makes it increasingly more difficult to achieve what you want.

Designed for Busy People Who Don’t Have the
Time, Money or Energy to Do a Long Cleanse

Many people understand the value of a cleanse … but the commitment is just way too big.

Most detox programs available today require at least a 7 day commitment. (In fact, most last 30 to 90 days.)

Frankly, it’s darn hard to follow a disciplined regimen for such an extended period of time. Life just gets in the way.

You travel. You enjoy having guests over. You want to go out to dinner and celebrate special occasions. You have to grab quick meals as you shuttle your kids from activity to activity. Heck, even trying to create two menus – one for your cleanse and one for the rest of your family – gets overwhelming after too long.

But the truth is that a juice fast or cleanse is NOT real life. You won't be drinking juices for the rest of your life... It doesn't teach you how to live after the cleanse!

The purpose of a cleanse is to hit a reset button. You...

We’ve tested it personally and with our top clients. We’ve proven this solution makes everything easier by giving you a jumpstart on your results.

And it only takes 3 days... not 30!

Get Motivated With Quick Results in Weight and Appearance

For example, one of the big benefits most people look for when starting a new health program (including Annmarie and me!) is to lose unwanted weight and slim down. But losing fat takes time. And it’s really, really hard to maintain your willpower and focus when you don’t notice the scale budging.

When you don’t see changes fast enough, you quit. Then, you guessed it, you saddle yourself with another “failure.”

But when you use this secret tool to kick off your chosen health program, you’ll see the scale dropping quickly – and that sets you up for huge success.

In fact, most people lose 5-10
in the first 3 days.

I can vouch from personal experience – this gives you a huge burst of motivation.

(Just imagine how pumped up you would feel if you lost 5 pounds over the weekend – you’d be really excited and committed to keep going, right?)

Achieving such huge results in just three days sets up a cycle of success.

Once you’ve seen the big shift, you’re more motivated to stick to your plan. The better you stick to your plan, the more you slim down and the more fat you lose.

The thing I’m most excited about? This fast-start program is something you use for 3 days only … which means literally ANYONE can use it at ANY time, whenever you need it.

But Weight Loss Isn’t the Only Benefit You’ll Gain…

Although weight loss is what spurs many people to try cleanses, The 3-Day Cleanse serves your body in many more important ways.

The 2 biggest benefits that I value (and many people overlook) are:

#1 – You restore and “reset” your taste buds, which makes it much easier to continue eating healthy foods. Everything will taste amazing! Fruits and vegetables will be more flavorful and appealing … to the point where you’ll crave carrots, kale and quinoa as much as you used to crave chocolate cake and buttered bread.

#2 – You eliminate “bad” cravings. Even when you live a healthy lifestyle, it’s normal to get cravings. But if you’re not careful, they can completely sabotage your progress, so it’s important to find a way to deal with them.

Other common benefits that people report after successfully completing the 3-Day Cleanse include:

Sound good to you? Try 3-Day Cleanse now.

Get It Done in One Weekend!

Because the cleanse can be completed in just 3 days, you can get it done in just one weekend!

Most people prefer going from Friday to Sunday or from Saturday to Monday, because you usually have more time and quiet on the weekends. But of course, you can do the cleanse mid-week if that works better for you.

How Our Cleanse Works

Enroll today and you’ll receive instant access to your program materials, which includes:

The Cleanse Program Guide
$27 Value

This is a 47-page a downloadable e-book that spells out everything you need to know and do to follow our cleanse. In it, you will discover:

  • Exactly how to follow the cleanse, step-by-step
  • How to overcome common obstacles
  • Exactly what to eat and avoid
  • Plus a wealth of information about the specifics of our program!

The eBook will outline everything you need to know to get started.

The Cleanse Shopping List
$17 Value

We’ve created a handy, print-ready shopping list that outlines all of the inexpensive items you’ll need for your cleanse.

Just print it out (or send email it to yourself on your smartphone) and bring it to the grocery story to get ready for the cleanse!

The Weekend Cleanse Recipe Book
$17 Value

This e-book contains our very best 30 nutritious recipes to support your body during the detox process – and make your taste buds feel satisfied

Every single recipe has been tested multiple times and proven to be a winner. In this recipe book, you’ll find:

  • Exactly what to eat during the cleanse, outlined meal by meal!
  • Recipes that are “cleanse-approved” – that you can consume freely during the cleanse
  • Post-cleanse recipes — to get started with a healthier lifestyle after the cleanse
  • Recipes for the detox teas we use during the cleanse
  • And more!

Special Bonus:

The 3-Day Cleanse Live Event and Coaching

$67 Value


This special bonus is actually worth the more than the price of registration.

This 3-day live event will take you on a journey of cleansing and transformation, as the group who signed up 3-Day Cleanse will get to participate in our live coaching event, a live event where we'll take you by the hand, motivate you and answer any questions you have.

Each day you will receive an e-mail with additional information and guidelines which will help you make the most from this cleanse! I guarantee that the “group energy” will be awesome.

We also organize THREE Live webinars (30 minute each) to answer any questions you may have about the cleanse!

This live program is exclusive to those who sign up for 3-Day Cleanse now.

The next LIVE event takes place on January 15th, 2016

The LIVE 3-Day Cleanse will take place several times a year, so in order to organize it properly, we will only accept the next 200 people who order.

If you can't make it to the next cleanse, this is not a problem. If you place your order now, you will also get to participate not just once, but EVERY SINGLE TIME a new 3-Day Cleanse is organized. (Participation is of course optional).

We'll be organizing other cleanses in:

  • March/April
  • May/June
  • September/October

Dates will be confirmed on this page.

Why Health-Conscious People Rave About Our Cleanse

These are some testimonials we received after our last cleanse!

"I have more energy and drive during the day."

I’m happy to report that as a result of the cleanse, I’ve been incorporating A LOT more raw foods into my diet and I’m super excited about it! This is not at all what I expected.

I’ve kept 4 pounds off, incorporated green smoothies into my daily regiment and have been eating raw everyday at lunch.

I have more energy and drive during the day. My mood has evened out and I feel happier and lighter. I’m able to focus and remember things much more easily than before the cleanse. My hair is shinier and I have that raw food glow…I now feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup.

My cravings for sweets have decreased by 80% and so has my day and night time stress eating. I no longer feel the need to graze throughout the day and turn to food when I’m tired, bored, happy, angry or sad. That’s HUGE for me!

I’m really happy I tried out the cleanse and got my feet wet with raw foods. I figured out for myself how essential they are for optimal health and how simple it is to incorporate them into my daily diet. I also came away with a ton of AWESOME recipes that I’ve already used numerous times. The cleanse taught me a lot about myself and exposed my strengths and weaknesses (some of which I didn’t know existed). I’m looking forward to trying it again in the future!

- Lisa Miller, Carmel, NY
"I had zero issues - no bloating, constipation or pain."

I have a history of digestive issues and one thing I noticed after the cleanse is that I had zero issues - no bloating, constipation or pain. I'm very happy to know (after years and years of prescription drugs, supplements, laxatives, stressing out, etc.) that I can control this via diet.

My cravings for sweets have lessened a lot, which is HUGE for me. I could stuff an entire bag of Skittles down my throat and come back craving more 20 minutes later. I've found that I can limit myself to a handful of sweets and be fine with it. I've experimented with raw treats and found that they satisfy me better than anything artificially sweetened.

I always knew what I was supposed to eat, but never thought I had the willpower to follow through on that knowledge. I look at grocery shopping as an entirely different experience now, and have cut out a lot of what I thought were healthy (yet still heavily processed) foods. I'm excited for summer and all the wonderful farmers markets around our town. Trying to do this during the winter, blizzards, etc. is not ideal. Thank you Kevin for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to get rolling!

- Julie Hurley, Michigan
"I lost a total of 11 pounds... It has changed my life!"

First, I lost a total of 11 pounds. AND I'm keeping it off. I can't remember the last time I was under 130 lbs.

My skin feels awesome. I feel younger, I have more energy. AND no more heartburn.

I stuck to the diet the first week with my daughter, Julie. Our guys were on a golf trip and made it pretty easy to do. We supported each other. We did cheat a little with wine and popcorn.

The second week, the guys came home. My husband, who is the sweetest guy out there, agreed to do it the cleanse with me. He lost 8 lbs at the end of the week. I really liked how we had a menu to follow. It kept me focused. I'd go to the store everyday to get the ingredients that I needed to make the meals for the day.

I want to thank Kevin for starting this cleanse. It has changed my life!!!

- Irene Jones

The Two Powerful Herbs We Include in Our Cleanse

A big reason why the 3-Cleanse is so powerful and can accomplish so much in so little time is the inclusion of two amazing medicinal herbs I have discovered while traveling in Peru and working with the local populations there.

We include a 30-day supply of these herbs in the Deluxe Version (enough for many cleanses!).

Is it possible to do the cleanse without these herbs? Certainly. If you have your own access or supply for these herbs, you can order the basic version. Or if you choose to follow the cleanse without the herbs, you can also do so.

However, please consider following the program the way we’ve designed it for maximum results.

The Two Health Supporting Herbs
We Recommend During the Cleanse

Muña: the Calming Herb

This medicinal herb is used extensively in Peru, and I discovered it there during my travels. Medicinally, muña is used in Peruvian traditions for kidney support, reducing inflammation and digestive ailments.

It's also used to:

  • Heal intestinal problems
  • Cure bad breath
  • Overcome excess stomach acidity
  • Calm indigestion
  • Prevent the inflammation of wounds
  • Fight parasites
  • Stop diarrhea

Holy Basil: The adrenal supporting herb.

A few years ago, I suffered an adrenal burnout.

  • I ended up urinating frequently.
  • I was unable to get out of bed.
  • I became slightly depressed.
  • I lost the "drive"
  • I was ridiculously irritable.
  • My hands and feet would be excessively cold during the day.
  • My muscles would cramp when I even thought about exercise.

I didn’t know it at the time, but all these symptoms are classic adrenal stress or burnout symptoms.

Then I ran some blood tests, and the numbers matched my symptoms.

It was not an easy recovery, but it was a complete one.

One health-supporting herb that really helped me was Holy Basil.

Holy basil is an adaptogen, which is a type of tonic herb that work with the body and the endocrine / hormone system to bring you to balance.

Every household who practices Ayervedic healing has holy basil growing in their gardens – just like an Italian would grow basil and oregano.

Holy basil, because of its adaptogenic properties, works to bring the body back to a proper balance – but what I’ve found is that it works extremely well with people who are experiencing stress and poor adrenal function, and that's why we recommend it during the Cleanse.

You’ll Get Great Results– Guaranteed!

Sign up for The Weekend Cleanse now. Read through the program manual, and give yourself the gift of a 3-day detox experience. If the program doesn’t help you lose weight, eliminate cravings, and restore your taste buds, simply contact us anytime in the next 60 days. We’ll refund 100% of your investment (less S&H on the Deluxe Version) quickly – and with no questions asked.

Get Back on Track Quickly, Anytime You Want

In our hectic modern world, it’s easy to slip into habits that sabotage your health, like eating bad foods, drinking too much, or not exercising.

At some point, you just have to say “STOP!” so you can regain control over your life and health.

The Weekend Cleanse will help you shed up to 3-10 pounds of unwanted weight, eliminate cravings and restore your taste bud’s natural desire for healthy foods – all in just 3 days.

Just think, a week from now, you could be lighter, look better, and be craving vegetables, fruit, and water. You could be feeling more clear-headed, energetic and confident in your ability to experience the physical health you want.

So whether you’re trying to get back on track after the holidays…

You’re “recovering” from an indulgent vacation…

You’re trying to slim down for a wedding, class reunion, important business meeting or other big event…

You’re ready to overhaul your eating plan and want to avoid being sabotaged by cravings…

The Weekend Cleanse will give you the easy jumpstart you need to get quick results, increase your motivation, and strengthen your resolve.

Dedicated to your health,

Kevin Gianni

P.S. You have 60 full days to review and try The 3-Day Cleanse for yourself. If the program doesn’t help you lose weight, eliminate cravings, and restore your taste buds, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your investment.

Choose Your Cleanse

The 3-Day Cleanse comes in two versions, so you can pick the support that’s right for you.

Deluxe Version includes:

  1. The program guide
  2. A shopping list
  3. The recipe book
  4. Live Coaching and Webinars
  5. Health-Supporting Herbs. You’ll receive a 30-day supply of two powerful health-supporting herbs for even better results on the cleanse.
  6. Your modest investment? Just $49.95 (Note: Buying the herbs separately on our website will cost you $54.90 — without the Cleanse material)

Basic Version includes:

  1. The program guide
  2. A shopping list
  3. The recipe book
  4. Live Coaching and Webinars
You get everything in the Deluxe Version
except the health-supporting herbs
Your modest investment? Just $19.95

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cleanse

Q: “What sort of kooky foods do I have to eat?

A: Don’t worry. You won’t be subjected to an oddball diet where you eat nothing but one or two foods – or no solid food at all -- for 3 straight days.

What you will eat? Nutritious foods that nurture your body and support your liver (the workhorse organ that’s responsible for ridding your body of harmful toxins). When you register for the program, you’ll receive a shopping list of items that are available at any normal grocery store.

If you opt to sign up for the Deluxe Version of the Cleanse, you’ll also receive a 3-day supply of 2 powerful herbs that you can use to make a delicious and health-supporting tea.

Q: Is this a liver cleanse?”

A: Not specifically, no. We’ve seen some of those cleanses, and frankly, they scare us! You will not be asked to restrict your diet to just two or three foods, nor will you be asked to consume anything a normal person would not usually eat, such as cupfuls of oil or lemon juice. Our Cleanse prescribes a diet chock-full of all-natural foods, such as healthy greens, organic fruit, and fresh vegetables.

Q: “Do I have to do it on a weekend?”

A: No. You can do the program any 3-day period that you like. However, we recommend the weekend so that you can nurture your body with minimal stress and activity, as well as plentiful rest. (If you’re like most people we know, these are not words you would use to describe your average workweek!)

Q: “What equipment do I need?”

A: The 3-Day Cleanse is designed to be super-easy to follow. You’ll need basic kitchen equipment, such as a vegetable peeler, a knife, and a cutting board. The “fanciest” item you’ll need is a blender for making smoothies. (But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. We include alternate recipes if you can’t or don’t want to make smoothies.)

Q: Should I get my doctor’s approval before doing The 3-Day Cleanse?

A: Getting your doctor’s OK is always recommended, especially if you have an acute or chronic medical condition. Register today, review the materials, and discuss the plan with your doctor. If your doctor advises you not to participate, no problem. Simply let us know within the next 60 days, and we’ll issue a prompt refund of 100% of your investment.

Q: “Do I have to do colonics or enemas?”

A: No. Uh huh. Depending on who you talk to, colonics have their place in a healthy lifestyle. But it’s a pretty hard-core person who wants to put liquid up their bums.

Q: “How ‘cleansed’ will I be? (In other words, should I plan on living in the bathroom?)”

A: While we can’t promise that following the nutritious eating plan in the Weekend Cleanse won’t result in an extra bowel movement or two (hey, anything is possible), you should not be tied to your toilet. Instead of Roto-rooting your innards, the Weekend Cleanse is more like giving your digestive system a break. (If it’s possible to give your intestinal tract a spa experience, that’s what The Weekend Cleanse is like.)

Q: “Do I have to clear my calendar, or will I be able to live my life as normal during the Cleanse?”

A: Think of it this way … the 3-Day Cleanse is like having an at-home spa. You’ll be eating healthy, nutritious foods to give your digestive system a rest. You’ll also be encouraged to pamper yourself. This means engaging in gentle exercise and activities, indulging in pampering activities (yes, we give you full permission to tell your family that you are required to take a long soak in the tub or spend an hour doing your nails), and getting plenty of rest.

But are you going to be completely drained of energy and unable to function? No.

Will you have to stay close to home and need to clear your calendar completely? No (unless you want to … in which case, yes, yes you should.)

Can you be busy? Sure. You can keep driving yourself, shuttling kids from appointment to appointment, staying up late to tidy up the house, volunteering, etc. Or you could give yourself the gift of a weekend, slow down and listen to what your body wants.

Choose Your Cleanse

The 3-Day Cleanse comes in two versions, so you can pick the support that’s right for you.

Basic Version includes:

  1. The program guide
  2. A shopping list
  3. The recipe book
  4. Live Coaching and Webinars
You get everything in the Deluxe Version
except the health-supporting herbs
Your modest investment? Just $19.95