At last, a new scientific test is available for essential fatty acid testing

“60% of Americans Are Deficient in Omega 3s. Here’s a Proven, Reliable Home Test That Will Reveal Your True Omega 3 Levels”

High Omega 3 Levels Lower Risks of Heart Disease,
Cancer - Improve Mental and Skin Health.
Do You Know Your Optimal Omega 3 Levels
and How Much You Should Be Taking?

by Kevin Gianni

We’ve been told for years about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, and the dangers of trans fats, but what do we really know about them?

We know that they’re incredibly important for every aspect of our health, and that they can prevent disease. We also know that most people are critically deficient in them.

Omega-3 fats are essential to the human body, and have benefits for our heart, brain, eyes, and joints.

So with that little bit of knowledge we've been sold all kinds of products to boost our omega 3 levels. We’ve been told to:

  • Take fish oil
  • Consume flax seed oil
  • Eat more fish
  • Consume walnuts, flax seeds, and hemp seeds
  • Avoid vegetable oils
  • Avoid trans fats

But what if you don’t need to take those supplements?

What if you are already getting enough from your diet? Taking omega 3 supplements or eating more nuts and seeds could be making your health worse.

On the other hand, what if you were severely deficient and not even know about it?

Until now, there was no truly reliable way to know your own body’s profile of omega 3s and other essential fatty acids.

We're announcing a breakthrough home-test that will reveal your exact blood levels of Omega 3s.

We've partnered with OmegaQuant to bring omega 3 testing to the world. OmegaQuant is North America’s foremost, CLIA certified omega 3 testing lab.


The Omega 3 Index Home Test
A new home test that measures your level of Omega 3s
  1. Do you take omega 3 supplements? Are you wasting your money? Until now there has been no way to tell what your level of essential fatty acids are. But this new 3-minute test can finally show you if you're deficient, and exactly what to do about it!
  2. Test only takes 3 minutes and can be returned via a pre-paid mailing envelope.
  3. A test as precise as a cholesterol test can finally tell if you’re deficient in essential fatty acids.
  4. Your exact ratio of omega 3 and most major fatty acids will be revealed.
  5. Discover if your body hosts nasty, cancer-producing trans fats.
How Omega 3 Testing Works
  1. Order your omega 3 testing kit from Renegade Health.
  2. Receive testing kit in the mail. Follow instructions to complete test. It only takes 3 minutes to take the test.
  3. Pack your samples and mail back to the lab the same day by simply dropping our pre-paid mailing envelope.*
Here’s How Easy the Test Is
Step 1:

Twist lancet cover

Step 2:

Use lancet to collect one single drop of blood

Step 3:

Drop single drop of blood onto provided card

Step 4:

Let blood dry, fold card, and mail back the same day

You will receive your results back in 3 working days (after the lab receives your samples) via email!*

(If you live outside of the USA, we recommend that you send back the sample via FedEx or DHL at your cost).

"I would take this test again!"

Hi Kevin, I did the test and my score was fairly good – 8.7. I eat salmon or sardines about twice a week, take 1 tsp cod liver oil a day and also krill oil daily. I eat a lot of grass fed organic ghee too, which is high in omega 3. good thing, because I eat tons of nuts and avocados. My omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio was 3.0. This was my 2nd test, and my omega 3 profile improved a little. I would take this test again, probably fairly regularly, about once a year maybe, just to make sure I’m on the right track with my fat ratios. I liked it because it was very easy and fast to do.

H.P. Cincinnati
"I'm very glad to have an idea where my
Omega 3 Levels currently are"

The test was easy to take and the test results very helpful and informative. The webinar was also really good and helped put things in perspective. I think the test was a GREAT tool and I am very glad I have an idea where my Omega 3 levels currently are. The price point was right on I thought. Thanks for providing such great resources!

Tina Atchley
"Home Testing!"

HI Kevin!
Yes, I took the test, and loved its convenience. I refuse to go to doctors; so this was a great option, home testing! I also liked the webinar and found it well informative. BLESSINGS!!!

"Pleased With The Whole Process"

I just got my results and I am very pleased with the whole process. I think the testing supplies were straightforward and easy to follow. I was SO relieved to get my results after hearing so much about omega 3 deficiency consequences. I’ve been upping my fish oil quite a bit knowing intuitively I wasn’t making the proper conversions from plant sources and was very pleased to see my levels were VERY good at over 10%. The other fats were well within range, too. So I will retest in a year!

Teri Grillo
"I appreciate the brand recommendations"

Thank you so much Gentlemen for an excellent seminar. You were well organized and presented at just the right level. You were not rushed and covered essential information in an hour. You did not interrupt each other. I appreciate the brand recommendations. Well done!

Common Questions About the
Omega 3 Index Test

Q: What if I Already Take Omega 3 Supplements? Should I Get Tested?

A: There is no way to predict – for any given person – what his/her Omega-3 Index will be just by knowing how much fish they eat or how many capsules they take. Individual differences in metabolism, absorption, and genetics make it impossible to predict with certainty how a given person will respond to supplements.

Therefore, only the blood test can tell you exactly what your level is.

Q: My levels are probably already low. Should I just supplement instead?

A: Again, individual differences are genetic and make it impossible to predict how you will respond to supplements. You may think that your levels are low because of your current diet, but there is no way to tell until you get tested. Don’t waste your money on supplements before assessing your true Omega 3 levels.

Q: Is This a Fasting Test?

A: Fasting is not necessary, but do not take any fish oil or omega 3 supplements at least 12 hours before taking the test. Eating fish or nuts and seeds the day before is allowed.

Q: What makes this test different than other fatty acid profile tests?

A: The testing lab we use, OmegaQuant, specializes in omega 3 testing. They use a proprietary method, the result of 30 years of research, which gives you a precise assessment of your omega 3 profile.

The specific method used by OmegaQuant has more research behind it than any other commercially available test.

What You Get With This Test

First, you get the Omega 3 Index, which is a percentage, typically from 1 to 10%, with indicates your levels of omega 3s. The desired Omega-3 Index level is 8%, but most Americans are at about 4%. With this one number, you’ll know whether you’re doing great or not.

Current research indicates that an 8% level is associated with the lowest risk for death from cardiovascular disease. This is also a typical level in Japan, a country with one of the lowest rates of sudden cardiac death in the world. On the other hand, an Index of 4% or less indicates the highest risk.

At no additional cost, you also get:

  1. A complete fatty acid profile, including: four omega-3 fatty acids, 7 omega 6 fatty acids, 6 saturated fatty acids
  2. You also get a profile of 3 groups of trans fatty acids, indicating whether those dangerous fats have found their way into your body!
  3. In total you get a profile that covers over 26 different fatty acids.
  4. You will know your ratio of omega 6/omega 3, as well as your ratio of AA/EPA

Of course, the most important and probably only number that you require is the Omega-3 Index. Ideally, you should be at 8%.

What Will You Do With
This Information?

Once you know your omega 3 Index percentage, you can take action.

Your levels are not fixed in time. You should take the test again six to 12 months later to see if the diet modifications that you’ve made have worked.

If your levels are optimal, there’s nothing to change. Keep doing what you're doing!

If your levels are sub-optimal, you can make some diet modifications to see how your next test results will come out. Fatty acid levels in the blood are partly determined by genetics, but diet can be a major factor in helping you change them.

If your Omega 3 Index Level is lower than optimal, you should increase your intake of EPA and DHA (two important omega 3 fatty acids).

Along with this test, you will receive very specific information on how to raise your omega 3 levels if they are too low, including important diet modifications you can make.

All of your Questions
Answered by the Experts!

After you receive your Omega 3 Index back, you may have some questions.

  1. How do I analyze the results?
  2. What should I pay attention to?
  3. What can I do to raise my levels?
  4. If my levels are normal, do I need to continue taking Omega 3 supplements?

All of your questions will be answered in a 45-minute video that you can access after your purchase.

This video is a $97 value and will be available for FREE to anyone who orders the Omega 3 Index Home Test.


Here's exactly what the
testing kit includes:
  1. The complete testing kit, including simple instructions on how to use, which we’ve already shown you on this page. It’s that easy!
  2. The assessment card, which you’ll send back to the lab along with your sample. Include your email address.
  3. Pre-paid return mailing envelope for the USA (We recommend that international customers return the sample via DHL or FedEx)
  4. Your omega 3 index and complete fatty acid, returned to you via email within 3 working days (after your sample is received)
You Are 100% Protected By
Our Money Back Guarantee

When you buy the Omega 3 Index Home Test, we’ll give you 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.

If at any time during that period you feel this isn’t right for you, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

The money back guarantee is still valid after you’ve received your test results. We want you to be 100% satisfied and we stand by strongly our 60-day guarantee.

Only 80 Testing Kits Are Available

We have only 80 testing kits available, and you can take advantage of our sale offer at the incredible price of $197 $49.95.


  1. Your home testing kit along with paid return envelope
  2. Results come to you via email within 3 business days (after receipt)
  3. International customers can order (but must mail back the kit with no prepaid postage)
  4. Instructions included on how to take the test (although we already showed you on this page. It’s that easy!)
  5. Takes only 3 minutes
  6. Results include Omega 3 Index and your profile of over 26 different fatty acids (including trans fats)
This Is a Risk Free Offer
The Best 60 Day Guarantee in the Industry

Order the Omega 3 testing kit.

Take the test, send it back, and get your results.

We give you a FULL 60 days guarantee, which covers you even after you’ve ordered the test or received your results.

If at any time you’re not 100% satisfied with this product and the level of service that you’ve received, simply contact our staff at for a full refund, no questions asked.

We’re looking forward to bringing quality omega 3 testing to the world.

Do you know if you’re deficient in Omega 3s and other essential fatty acids?

Get this piece of crucial information for your health today.


P.S. Research shows that a proper balance of essential fatty acids is essential to health. Get yourself tested today!

P.P.S: We only have only 80 units available of the Omega 3 Index Home Test.

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      • My results will include Omega 3 Index and your profile of over 26 different fatty acids
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