Read Some of the Success Stories From Students of Our Course*:

“Ended this frustrating trial-and-error approach to building a successful Information Products business”

Having invested a significant amount of timeand money – trying to learn the Information Products business and attempting to set up an income-generating web site on my own, with mixed success – Frederic Patenaude’s “Making a Living Doing What You Love” course ended this frustrating trial-and-error approach to building a successful Information Products business, by presenting all the key elements in one well-packaged, step-by-step course. This course is chock-full of shortcuts, checklists and keys to success.

Frederic openly shares his expertise and experience, and holds absolutely nothing back. Moreover, Frederic always presents his information in a friendly, natural style – and his sincere desire to help each person succeed shines through in every session!

Julie Ann Turner


“I Have My Dream Job”

This time last year i was a very dissatisfied, burnt out teacher. I had built a lot of trust in you because your explanations in your raw courses were so clear and so rational. I decided to give it a go.

I was nearly totally computer stupid so I needed a lot of trust to believe that your course would work. And I just did it.

I loved the course. As well as obviously learning tons, I ENJOYED how very well done it was. IT WAS SO TRULY CLEAR!!! Following your crafted indications, I took some bitesize steps and created my own company.

Gradually I reduced my teaching hours. Now i cannot believe the transformation in my life!

I have stopped that horrid job all together, I have written my first book,and my new life style has allowed me to manage my time in a way I truly enjoy. I can go to the gym and play tennis when ever I want to. I can decide how many hours I work. Sometimes I don’t work much. Sometimes, however, I see myself putting a lot of hours into my new business but I really do not mind this. Often it is a joy and cannot wait to have time to carry on with my project as I enjoy doing what I do so much!

Fred, you know how grateful I am to you for my life change. When people now ask me what I do for a living I can hardly even believe my own words as I feel I have my dream job. Too good to be true, yet YOU have made it completely possible!!!

Rian Torres


“Frederic has more than delivered on all that he promised”

When I first heard that Fred might offer a course on making a living on the Internet, I got excited. I have been a customer for some time now and he has always delivered with all of his products. I have purchased his books and other products and have never been disappointed. His website has always been first class and very interesting as well.

When he actually offered the course How To Make A Living In The Natural Health Movement my only hesitation was, “should I spend the money”. It was never “should I trust him”. I knew from my past experiences he would deliver on his offer. When the course got under way I fell way behind because of various personal issues but he has always offered encouragement even though I was not able to attend many of the scheduled secessions.

His information has been clear and understandable. All I had to do was download the audio and printed materials and I could then review it as many times as needed, day or night. Frederic has more than delivered on all that he promised. His course is jam packed with what’s needed to succeed in the natural health movement.

Even if you do not plan start to start a business in the natural health movement I believe that it can be used in many other internet businesses as well. Fred has been an excellent teacher and motivator.

His honesty and sincerity in wanting us to succeed shined through each step of the way. He constantly encouraged each of us to do the work and “even if you are behind keep going anyway because the results will be worth it”.

I highly recommend Frederic’s course How To Make A Living In the Natural Health Movement. I don’t believe you can fail if you put forth the necessary work.

James Byrd

Missouri City, TX

“Ins and outs of the Movement”

I participated in the “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” program and it is phenomenal. The program did not feel like a robotic, long-distance course. There was a sense of connectedness to the program; it was personable. Frederic is giving you the keys to the city. You are getting more than the price you are paying for. You are getting so much value and all the tools to get started.

Frederic and his team of wonderful people created a program that not only described the ins and outs of the movement and running a business as well but the program actually helped me to understand myself even deeper and get to the heart of my values. I realized that I didn’t want to be a 9-5er, that my passion for health would not just be a part of my daily living but my life’s purpose. Even though I wasn’t able to attend the teleconferences, I felt I didn’t lose out because the mp3 modules and the handouts kept me up-to-date. I really believe that I can be successful in this field. Congratulations Frederic and thank you.

Natalie Campbell-Djedje

Etobicoke, ON

“Step by step guidance through the possible pitfalls of starting your own internet business”

I want to thank Frederic Patenaude for offering his course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement”. A year ago I became 100% raw vegan, and thanks to Frederic’s books like “21 Best Detox Diets” and programs such as his Green for Life support program, just to name a couple, that process has been a lot easier. I’ve realized that this is a field in which I wish to totally involved.

Frederic’s step by step guidance through the possible pitfalls of starting your own internet business in this growing field is allowing me to do something that I love without having to learn the hard way as he did through trial and error. If you have a dream of making the world a better place by working in the natural health movement, you can no better teacher and coach than Frederic Patenaude.

Rob Murphy

Glen Allen, Virginia

“Huge impact in my taking action”

I took Frederic’s course on ‘How to Make a Living in The Natural Health Movement’. Because of the information and motivation I received from the course, I have been able to organize my thoughts and take action in setting up a website and making those thoughts become a reality (something I have never been able to do before). Not only has the course been a huge impact in my taking action, but the support from the ‘Do What you Love Success Group’ has been incredibly helpful in the entire process. I am extremely excited to have my website on health and fitness products and to share my knowledge with the world. I highly recommend taking this course to anyone who is interested in either making some extra money or would like to eventually replace their current job with “Making a Living Doing What You Love”.

Brett Carlson – Side By Side Fitness Inc.

“Inspiring us with ways to change and improve our business”

I wanted to send you a thank you for creating the “How To Make a Living Doing What you Love” course. You planned a very detailed comprehensive course that needs much recognition. The audio presentations and the Question and Answer recording has made it easy to go back to listen to the presentations in case one missed out on any detail. This for me has been a great advantage. Having been so excited about taking online courses I made the mistake of taking too many at the same time and found myself with a bit overwhelmed. I am glad to be able to go back and pick up where I left off and continue plugging away at the material that you have provided so clearly.

One impressive aspect of the course has been your generosity to share with us all that you have learned along your own journey to making a living doing what you love and inspiring us with ways to change and improve our business. Many thanks!!

Mary Luciano

Toronto, ON

“At the beginning of the course, Fred promised to over-deliver, and did he ever!”

I am completely thrilled with your How toMake a Living in the Natural Health Movement course! I have been “working” on starting my own business for awhile, but felt as though I was not making much progress…Fred’s course really helped to lay out the most critical steps that I needed to accomplish in a comprehensive fashion that made it easy to follow.

I have thoroughly defined my target market, started developing several of my own information products, and am in the process of building my own website. And, I know I wouldn’t be this far along in the process without this course. At the beginning of the course, Fred promised to over-deliver, and did he ever! Thanks, Fred, for such a terrific educational opportunity.

Eric Harrell

Indianapolis, IN

“My “instincts” on how to run a successful internet business were completely wrong”

The first thing I learned in the course, HowTo Make a Living Doing What You Love, is that my “instincts” on how to run a successful internet business were completely wrong. Then after learning the correct approach, I was able to hit the ground running with very little wasted time and very little wasted money.

Frederic is the type that while already running a successful online business, continues to read everything, subscribe to everything, try everything and then reduces all of this experience down to the “best practices” contained in this course.

While I clearly learned “how” to start an online business, I also understood the “why.” I learned to think like an infopreneur which, in the long run, is probably one of the most valuable lessons in the course. Make no mistake, you will need to put in time and effort to be successful, but the steps in this course are clearly laid out for those who really want it.

Gary Cotter

“I have a master’s degree in business, and I was very impressed with the content and presentation of his course”

I have been reading Frederic’s books andnewsletters for a year. I was very impressed with his honesty, integrity, and common sense. When he offered his course, “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement”, it was a no-brainer for me. Not only was Frederic covering how to develop a mlwebsite, but he was also including information about many other aspects of the internet business, including how to setup an auto responder, and marketing as it applies to the internet.

He has covered doing seminars and writing books as well. I have a master’s degree in business, and I was very impressed with the content and presentation of his course.

Phillip Work

“I believe that your course is by far the best and most informative yet”

Thanks Frederick for a superb and most comprehensive program on HOW TO MAKE A LIVING DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – I have been in business for over 30 years and attended many seminars and workshops for marketing and business, and I believe that your course is by far the best and most informative yet.

The course is for me an excellent blue print for long distance learning with the step by step instructions and re enforcement along the way. I would truthfully say that the course delivered far more than I could have imagined and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wanted to enter the world of making a living on the net. Frederick you are the MAN.

John Ham

Raw Health, Muscle, Fitness &

Business Systems


“The course is worth every penny”

Hi Frederic! When I ordered your course: How to Make a Living in the Natural HealthMovement, I was a little reluctant about the project. I thought the course was overpriced. BUT, as the course has unfolded, I feel I can say honestly,- you have really delivered, and I have been impressed many times by how well you have done this, both technically and with regard to the content. The course is worth every penny. You have really over-delivered from day one, and you have taken the effort to go into all the practical details that we novices need to know and master.

The course represents the transition from “nowhere-land” to a knowledge based, goal directed internet activity. To be led by you through this period has been a joy, and I already have my first 30 page web site made and submitted to the search engines. I have all I need to be able to create my new life.

This course is definitely the turning point in my online activities. Thank you so much!

Einar Eskeland, MD

Drobak, Norway


“Most Information-Loaded Course”

It is the most information loaded course I mlhave ever taken, and it is fantastic information too, with no useless filler! Frederic gives start to finish details of how to build your business. Without this program I would still be using snail mail for my monthly newsletters, and only dreaming of having a website one day. This course made it all possible in easy to follow steps, and I have very limited computer skills. If you are ready to commit yourself, then get this course – it has saved me hours and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, and I am online and reaping the rewards!!!

Denise Mackinnon

RMT Registered Massage Therapist



Things are going really well since the course. I have the website happening, I have so far added 130 people to my mailing list, and am sending regular emails. I have two blogs that I post material to after each email, and I am on the finishing touches of my first product – a green smoothie recipe booklet! (I am working on a few small booklets which can later be sold together as a bundle).

I made my first $$ through an affiliate link this month, and am ready to add a shopping cart to my website.

Oh yah, I also run a full time private practice for my massage therapy services, which is even busier now thanks to the website!

Thank you so much for all your time and effort with this great program, you really have overdelivered, and I truly appreciate all you have done to get many of us up and running with our dreams!

I hope you realize how much you have affected our lives – thanks again, Fred!

Yours in health,

Denise Mackinnon

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