“Here’s How You Can Create Passive Income Doing What You Love in the Natural Health Movement”

This course explains in detail how YOU TOO can make $3,000 to $30,000 a month with your passion for natural health.


the Brand New Course with Frederic Patenaude and Kevin Gianni

By Frederic Patenaude and Kevin Gianni

Dear natural-health enthusiast,

If you’re like most people, you probably have to get up on most mornings to go to a place called “work”, where you get the money you need to get yourself through life, but knowing that you would give it up in a heartbeat if you knew a better way of making a living… especially if you could be doing what you love.

I know from having been there, that it’s definitely depressing to work in a job that’s not truly your passion in life.

Waking up in the morning on a cold day, dragging yourself to work to deal with overstressed bosses and co-workers who aren’t always in the best mood, not caring too much about the products or service offered by the company… I know what it’s like.

I Hated My Job… and I Was Broke

In 1996, I was 20 years old. I had no idea where I was going in life, but I had this passion for natural health and raw foods that was stronger than anything.

I was working in one of the worst jobs ever created for a human being (so I thought), trying to scrape up these few hundred dollars that were going to pay for my trip to California where I was going to live my dream: earning my living with my passion for Natural Health.

I was freezing in the middle of the summer in this big factory, cutting vegetables for a company supplying prepared produce to large restaurant chains, where the temperature was maintained at 39 degrees Fahrenheit constantly and where I was doing 18 hour shifts at minimum wage (totally against the work regulations).

As I was cursing my boss in the back of my head… I was also thinking: I AM going to find a way to earn my living doing what I love, and will never do anything like this ever again!

I managed to save about $1500 and went to California, with a one-way ticket, and I ended up staying for almost 3 years and starting to make a real living in the natural health movement.

I had a vague idea of what the “Internet” was when I left, and no particular skill except this burning desire to learn more about health and nutrition.

Creating the “Freedom Lifestyle”

For the past 18 years, I’ve been making a living with my passion for natural health. I’ve created a “freedom” lifestyle that has allowed me to travel the world at my own leisure, and create that life I wanted, while helping other people. I’ve been doing what I love and I haven’t had a regular “job” in all that time.

I’ve tried various paths, such as working in a retreat center, publishing a magazine, self-publishing books, having a book published by another company, publishing other people’s information, giving recipe classes, organizing seminars, giving health consultations and counseling, starting an online business, and many other ventures.

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to get to where I am today, with a lifestyle that allows me to travel to exotic locations at least 4 to 6 months a year!

A Little Bit About Frederic and Kevin

Frederic and Kevin have known each other for over 7 years, and now collaborate on many project, including Kevin’s website Renegade Health. With this new program, they combine their years of experience in the field to help you succeed with your own, alternative health business.

Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • Frederic has written written over 50 books and eBooks and DVD programs, which together have sold tens of thousands of copies. His books and programs have been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish and Mandarin Chinese. These programs have transformed the lives of thousands of people, and have also generated millions of dollars in sale.
  • Kevin has written 5 full-length book and his most recent book is going to be published by major publisher Hay House Publishing. Kevin has also created over 30 information products (eBooks, DVD courses, and more).
  • Frederic has experience with both traditional publishing (From 1998 until 2001, he published a physical magazine called Just Eat An Apple), as well as digital publishing such as Kindle.
  • Kevin has created over 900 YouTube videos, which together have received millions of views.
  • Frederic is a specialist in overseas traveling and the Internet lifestyle. He’s lived in Montreal, California, Costa Rica, Vancouver, and has also traveled to over 30 countries.
  • Kevin and his wife Annmarie also successfully started an organic skincare company, which is now growing at a fast pace and employs over 10 full-time employees!
  • Together, Fred and Kevin’s newsletters reach over 130,000 people worldwide.

Frederic and Kevin have different life and business experiences and are excited to partner up for this exciting new project, helping YOU succeed with your alternative health business.

“You Too Can Create Passive Income Doing What You Love”

Not having to work for money but because you truly love what you do AND getting the financial payoff is one of the best things that can happen to somebody, even if it’s just getting an additional $500 to $5000 per month by starting that project that’s dear to you.

I can show you how you can either retire from your job and start earning a living doing what you love, or generate PASSIVE income doing what you love — especially if you have an interest in Natural Health.

I stress the word “PASSIVE” because you really want to be able to generate income while you sleep, and not have to always be working for money.

And if you don’t think you have what it takes or even are the right person to be able to earn a living doing what you love, then read this letter, for in it I will be revealing some very important concepts about creating this stream of “PASSIVE” or “AUTOMATIC “income everyone is after.

Kevin’s Story

In 2009, Annmarie and I were in the middle of filming our Renegade Health Show (a YouTube channel with over 900 videos), and were asking ourselves what was next.

Our son Hudson wasn’t born yet, and we didn’t even know where we wanted to live and establish our home base. We were living in Connecticut, but we realized that due to the nature of our work online, we could literally live anywhere!

So we quit our personal training business, decided to take the Renegade Health Show on the road, sell most of our belongings, and buy a used RV.

We wanted to interview some of the country’s top health experts for the show.

We wanted to see all of the US states, and the Canadian provinces.

We wanted to spend the harsh winters in a warmer spot than New England.

We wanted to discover the best place where to relocate.

We also wanted the experience of living in a RV with just the two of us and our cat Johnny 5. If we could do that successfully, we felt we could do anything, including starting a family!

Two and half years and 42 states later, we retired the RV and decided to relocate to Berkeley, California. For those not familiar, that’s in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.

During that adventure, we started Annmarie Gianni Skin Care, which now has a complete line of great, super-organic products and over 50,000 customers.

And of course, we settled down so we could raise a family.

By Your Own Design

I asked myself what was so great about this adventure, and I realized that it was something we did by our own design.

It was a dream we had and we made it happen.

And all of it was possible because of the work we did with Renegade Health, which was online and mobile. We could do it from anywhere. Thank you technology!

A lot of people have asked me to coach them into starting their own alternative health business, and learn from our experience.

To be honest, I’ve been so busy with writing a book and running two businesses at the same time that I haven’t had the chance to do that.

But now that the book is done and I can take some time off to focus on something else, I want to help YOU reach your own dreams and start your own website. So that you can live your life by your own design, like we did, thanks to Renegade Health.

What Is Your Dream?

Maybe your dream is not to travel for two or three years in a RV. Maybe you want to backpack your way around the world with your kids for a year.

Or maybe your dream has nothing to do with traveling.

Maybe you want more time, less hassle and most importantly, spend it at home with the people you love.

Or maybe you feel that what you do for a living isn’t your true calling, and that there must be a way for you to succeed with your passion for natural health.

The course “How to Succeed with Your Alternative Health Business” will answer all of your questions and give you all of the tools that you need to succeed.

I have cleared my entire schedule for this. And because of it, it will be the only time I will be doing this course.

Because we want to give you the highest level of support possible, we’ve made space for 50 students to join us in this great adventure.

It has taken Frederic over 8 years to create the latest version of this course. We will teach you exactly what you need to know to make a living with your passion in health and nutrition, or doing what you love.

Whether it is for:

  • Earning “passive” income by capitalizing on your interest in Natural Health, in as little as a few hours per week.
  • Finding a great job in a field that you love (and keep creating streams of passive income at the same time)
  • Starting a new career and making big bucks in the Natural Health movement (by doing the things almost everybody miss!).
  • Starting your own unique and successful company in the Natural Health field, without having to sell supplements or health products you don’t believe in.
  • Writing the book you have inside of you and making it wildly successful.
  • Discovering what your passion is and earning your living with it.
  • Taking your business to the next level by knowing how to market yourself properly

The course is called:

How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business

Do What You Love and Make $3000 to $30,000 a Month
by Frederic Patenaude and Kevin Gianni

Brand New Course — Almost completely different
from Frederic’s original course on the topic.

In the course, you will discover:

  • A step-by-step process for discovering your true passion and a clear action step to learn to make a living from it .
  • How to create a daily schedule, overcome procrastination, and build a 100K+ per year business working 3 to 5 hours a day.
  • All about a simple method that allows you to design your ideal lifestyle, be clear about what you want, and then create a business that will be exactly right for you!
  • How to write a whole article in less than 10 minutes, even if you hate to write or suck at it.
  • Exactly how to improve areas of weakness that might be holding you back, such as lack of expertise or poor computer or Internet knowledge.
  • Discover a clear 7-step process for finding your ideal target market, even if every attempt you’ve made before of finding a good business idea has failed.
  • The most important list you’ll ever make: how to make a complete analysis of your competition in less than 30 minutes, and use it to be recognized and well-known, even if you’ve never had a website before.
  • The top-5 loser businesses to avoid in natural health. Almost everyone who starts a business in the health and fitness field eventually is tempted to try any of these 5 business ideas. Save yourself the struggle by knowing that these businesses are not worth your efforts.
  • Discover the top 5 best opportunities in the natural health movement. These are the opposite! These business ideas bring you the most money for your efforts, and benefit the most people at the same time.
  • A complete checklist for setting up your business legally and avoid issues with taxes and legal papers by doing everything right the first time around.
  • Why everything you’ve learned about website creation is WRONG and how creating a true, money-generating website should not take you more than a couple of weeks.
  • Why people don’t succeed online. If you’ve tried to start a blog or a website and it hasn’t work, then it’s 99% certain that you made one of those 5 mistakes.
  • Exactly how often you should email your list and what type of content you should send them.
  • Over 25 ways to generate FREE traffic to your website. We guarantee that you’ve never seen or heard of many of these ideas before… yet they are easy enough that anyone can use them and get results.
  • How to create your own eBooks, books, videos and teleconferences to sell information and advice on natural health.
  • Exactly how much to charge for your products. Don’t make the mistake of charging too little or too much!
  • How to profit by selling other people’s information (you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to know everything yourself!)
  • A complete step-by-step checklist you can follow to create your own products in a week or less, even if you don’t know where to start.
  • The three essential aspects of marketing. The ones you should use every time you write ANYTHING about your business.
  • How to attractively advertise your products and services and create real value, without hype
  • How to turn any “boring” offer into a sizzling one using the power of “benefit-driven” messages.
  • An easy, fill-in-the-blanks template you can follow to write a winning salesletter for your products.
  • The exact system Frederic uses to manage a business that earns over $30,000.00 per month anywhere in the world, in 3 to 5 hours a day, using a clear checklist system that he provides.
  • How to set up a health coaching business or add coaching to your existing business, to generate more income, connect with your clients and help directly, one-on-one.

You Don’t Have to Risk Your Job: Get Started in Just 1 Hour a Day

You can begin to succeed in your SPARE TIME. When we got started,we both still had a job, yet we managed to spend a few extra hours a week building a website, which has allowed us to start earning some extra income. After some time, this income was higher than our job income, which I left in a heartbeat.

You can do the same. You don’t need to risk everything you have and take that dramatic leap forward. You can take one small step at a time – as long as you’re willing to put some efforts into it and be open to new possibilities. You can be successful!

Here’s a few things to know about succeeding with an alternative health business.

FACT #1: You don’t need credentials

You’re probably asking yourself already, what do I need to do if I don’t have credentials? Do I need credentials to teach people about health and nutrition? I’m going to tell you right now what the answer is. No. You don’t need credentials. You don’t need nothing. Nada.

Here’s the only thing you need is: You need to add value to other people’s lives and you’re going to get paid for that.

The value you can add to other people’s lives will be the measure of your success. It’s not about the degrees you have.

Of course, it might require a degree if what you want to do is deal with people that have very specific health conditions and you want to consult with them on a one-to-one basis and help them recover and help them overcome their problems. Then you might need that science background.

I’m going to give you now a few tips to build your credibility if that’s an issue for you. There are a few ways that people have used to build their credibility if they want to teach other people about health and nutrition.

The first one is to know more about the topic than your target market does, than the people you’re trying to reach. In your case, just in terms of health and nutrition, you already know more than 99.99% of the people out there. You’re already in that situation where you know more.

You have something to teach just because you’ve been interested in that topic, and that alone makes you qualified to say something. You don’t need a degree to do that.

The second thing is that if you’ve done something that other people haven’t done and you can teach it to them, and that makes you qualified to do it.

If you’ve lost weight or if you’ve overcome a health problem or something like that, then you have a certain knowledge that comes from experience and people will believe you because you have experience … because you’re qualified … because you’ve done it yourself.

So start saying to yourself, “I don’t need credentials. I need to add value to other people’s lives.”

There are other things you can do. You can become a brilliant expert; you can work for somebody else. In my course I cover more of that.

But ultimately, if you get stopped from making a living doing what you love because you think you need credentials, you are being led by your excuses, not reality.

FACT #2: You don’t need to be a picture of Perfect Health

Have you bought the idea you that need to have perfect, optimal health to be able to teach health? Here’s one letter that I received lately from someone who’s interested in making a living in the Natural Health movement.

“I have to first be clear with myself before I start to help others, right? Do I need to achieve really optimal health before I can share what I know with others? Because I see I’m not the best example at this point.”

I’m going to tell you what this is. This is an excuse. Nobody is going to expect perfection from you. Remember what I just said? You need to add value to other people’s lives. You don’t need to be perfect.

If you achieve any type of health improvement or if you know anything about it, you can help others.

The point is, it’s not about you!

It’s about other people!

If you can help them, then you can be paid for that.

Actually, making money in the Natural Health movement will pressure you to become more of an example.

The worst thing, however, is to pretend you’re something that you’re not. But no matter where you are with your health, you have something to share.

It’s not about perfection. It’s just about adding value.

FACT #3: Opportunities Abound

There are so many opportunities to make money in the Natural Health movement, it’s mind-boggling. Unfortunately, chances are that you don’t even recognize them.

Most people’s initial ideas of how to make money in this field are usually not very good. What you want is something that will bring you maximum cash, for minimum effort, while helping as many people as possible.

You also want to work once, and be paid over and over and over again.

So what are the best opportunities? The whole point of our program is to teach you the Secrets behind these opportunities, with a clear action step and all the resources you need to use them to your advantage.


By now, you’re probably wondering what are the “Secrets” that will enable you to create the life you want doing what you love. One thing is for sure, you know what they aren’t.

I’m not talking about selling supplements, or health products, or finding yet another job just chopping raw foods somewhere, or going to spend 8 years in school to get a degree that will allow you to prescribe some herbal remedies.

And so, if I’m not talking about any of these things – what can these core secrets possibly be?

So let me give you a few “CLUES” so you have a starting point and can see what this course can bring you. But make sure you understand as you’re reading about these clues that there’s a major step after in terms of knowing what to DO with the clue.

The difference is that you don’t know HOW to make the clues work. So as you’re reading this just make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself and think, “Okay, I know what to do.” The truth is until you don’t really know anything until you’ve been trained in it and have started using it.

CLUE #1 — Focus On Creating Passive Income

If you’re going to reorientate your life to make income doing something that you love — for example something involving natural health — you don’t want to create just another job for yourself.

What you want instead is to work once and be paid over and over again. Do the work once, and then be paid again… and again… and again… and again…!

This is called “passive” income as opposed to “job” income and is what I teach you to be able to get in the course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business”

For example, I put together several e-books that are on sale on my website. Most of these books are delivered electronically, meaning that there’s nothing to ship. Customers receive the e-books automatically when they place their order.

Creating these e-books represented some work, yes. But instead of getting paid once, I got paid over and over again, because people are still, every day, placing orders for these e-books.

In fact, there’s some e-books that I put together, put on a website somewhere and completely forgot about, and I receive monthly checks averaging between $1000 and $2000.

Of course, it’s not just about e-books. My point is that no matter what you do, you have to ask yourself the question, “How can I create passive income with this?”

How can you work once and be paid over and over again?

CLUE #2 — It’s All About Information

Information is the most sought commodity. If you want to be able to create passive income streams doing what you love, you will have to learn to sell information.

Think about the richest man in the world: Bill Gates. What is his company Microsoft selling, essentially? Information. You can’t taste it or feel it or even put it in your hands, yet it has incredible value because almost every computer in the world needs it to produce results.

People are hungry for information— the right kind of information— and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

If someone right now had the answer to your most urgent, pressing question or dilemma, would you be willing to pay for it, even if it was just written on a scrap of paper?

If someone could have given you that information packaged in some way that would have been really easy for you to understand, wouldn’t you have been willing to pay even more for it?

You can package any information you know (or have access to) in an information product and sell that for a premium price. To do it, you don’t have to be an experienced writer, you don’t have to
be extremely technology-savvy, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money. You can create your own info-product in less than a week and be making money for years and years and years to come.

Now I sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of information products each month. Almost everything I sell is pure information. That’s why I don’t have to mess with selling questionable health products I don’t believe in, or juicers that only leave a small profit margin and lots of hassle.

Whether you’re writing books, teaching classes, or starting your own website, you will need your own information products if you want to be a big success.

And the good thing is… it doesn’t even have to be your own information! The only thing you really need to know is how to put this information together in a FORMAT that people are willing to pay a lot for… in a way that brings them lots of value.

Ultimately, unless you understand how to package and sell information, you’ll still be stuck in the “tick-tock” of the rat race, going from one job to another without ever building anything solid.

Why Are You Reading This?

The reasons that led you to read this letter up to this point could be one of the following:

  1. You already have a job, but would much prefer working in a field that you love, and you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to make a living with your passion for Natural Health.
  2. You’re in a transition period. You lost your job, you don’t have one, or your sources of income are limited. You probably would much rather find a way to make a living with your passion rather than pursuing something else.
  3. Your passion for health changed your life. Maybe you changed your lifestyle entirely. You overcame some health problems and now you want to tell others about it. You want to find a way to spread the word about whatever it is that you know, but you’re also wondering how you can be paid for it, and if it’s really possible to make a living doing it.
  4. You’re trying to make money with your passion in natural health, or doing something that you love. But it’s not working as well as you’d like it too. Perhaps, you’re forced to have another job that you don’t enjoy as much. You’d like to know how you can really make it happen for you.

No matter what your reasons are for reading this, you will find that this course is truly unique.


  1. There is simply nothing else available on the subject. You can try doing as many Google searches as you’d like, you’ll never find this information the way that we’ve distilled it for you to its most essential details.
  2. I know what I’m talking about. Kevin and I have been pursuing this path for over 15 years, and throughout this time there have been many hurdles, disappointments, frustrations and also great successes. The success that we’re experiencing right now is the result of a long and often painful road of searching, trying, experimenting and learning, one that has cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve discovered some of the most essential principles for making a living with your passion, partly by chance, partly by hard work, partly by long hours of studying and experimentation. Now, I’m ready to hand it to you on a golden plate for a reasonable sum of money.
Read Some of the Success Stories From
Students of Our Course*:

* These testimonials are from my original course on the subject, that I ran from 2007 until 2013. This new version of the course will be even better!

“After my first year of being in business online, I was able to save up enough money and have the financial security to follow my dream of moving abroad.”


natasha-test-dwylBy far the best investment I ever made was in Frederic’s course How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business. I was lucky to have found his course when I was just first starting out as an natural health coach and blogger. Frederic course is a wealth of information, tools, techniques, and guidance on how to build a successful online business properly. Within six months of taking his course I was able to make a full time living from my website, health coaching practice, and online diet programs I had created.

Frederic has a knack for making a lot of technical information easy to understand and apply, he guides you step-by-step on how to set up a website and online business, and exactly what you need to do to make it profitable. His course ensures that no time is wasted on doing the wrong things and that you are equipped with everything you need to create a successful online business. Frederic is a smart guy, and I appreciate how honest, practical, and down to earth he is.

It’s been 6 years now since I took his first course, and my online business is still running strong! One of my YouTube Channel has amassed 40 000 subscribers, another channel has 10 000 subscribers. After my first year of being in business online, I was able to save up enough money and have the financial security to follow my dream of moving abroad. For the past five years I have been living in Bali, Indonesia, and because my business is so mobile, I am able to pursue my passion of traveling the world while at the same time making a living of doing what I love! My dreams have obviously come true and I’m living and working in accordance with my passion and values.

Last year, Frederic teamed up with Kevin Gianni to launch a new updated version of the course. I already knew how great Frederic’s original course was, that I didn’t hesitate for a moment to sign-up to the brand new course! As a business owner I have to make sure I stay up-to-date, and I have to say the whole course was so refreshing and insightful. Two great minds definitely came together to create this course! You could tell that Frederic and Kevin really dove into it, giving it their all, and I appreciate just how approachable and hands on they were, especially with the live Q&A sessions and coaching calls. Not only are the two of them incredible resources of knowledge and information, but they’re both living proof of successfully making a living online.

I highly recommend the How To Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business course. Frederic and Kevin are great teachers and mentors. I have to say, I wouldn’t be where I am without it!

Natasha St. Michael

Radiance Central
Raw Radiant Health

“I just successfully launched the beta version of my first online course — generating over $1,200 in revenue!”

Matt Jager

I took the course with Frederic and Kevin last October (2014). Since then, I’ve grown my mailing list to more than 2,100 people and just successfully launched the beta version of my first online course — generating over $1,200 in revenue!

This is a small start, but it is only the beginning. I have built a system that works automatically to generate new leads and sales without any additional effort. And I have the tools that I need to continue to grow my list and create other products that I know will sell.

Next step is to focus on “big wins” to grow our mailing list more rapidly, and then create a higher-priced product and a recurring revenue subscription product. Do What You Love has been a big help in getting me to where I am today. Thank you!

Matt Jager

Author of The Chipotle Method: Plant-Based Meals in 5 Minutes Or Less

“I estimate that I have made over six figures from the information I learned from Frederic”

I decided to sign up for Fred’s How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement, even though I’d been making a living in the natural health movement for many years. I’d known Fred from way back in his early years when he worked in San Diego, so I had the opportunity to watch him grow and I knew he knew what he was doing.

I learned so much from this course! There were things I wasn’t doing at all, things I wasn’t doing correctly and then there’s the part about how I really didn’t know how to reach my full potential only. That was a major revelation for me.

Over the years since I’ve taken Fred’s course, I estimate that I have made over six figures from the information I learned from him.

All I can say is I wish I’d had the opportunity to study with Fred when I began my career, it would have saved me a tremendous amount of time and I don’t even want to think about how much money I probably left on the table because of what I didn’t know.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

Nomi Shannon

Author of The Raw Gourmet, Raw Food
Celebrations (with S.Duruz) and
What Do Raw Fooders Eat

“I was only 21 years old when I started, and now earn a full-time living on the Internet, doing what I love”

It’s been over 3 years since I launched my raw food website (June 2009) and I have Frederic’s course and coaching to thank for so much of the success that I have had. I was only 21 years old when I started, and managed to build a list of 11,000 subscribers, and earn a full-time living on the Internet.

Without the course, I would have had no idea how to get started making a living online. I would have had no knowledge of how to create content, how to market myself, how to build a list (or even what a list was or why it was important) or how to setup a proper website.

Without Frederic’s advice, I would not have almost doubled my subscription rate with one simple trick (yes, pop ups really do work!).

Without Frederic, I would not be making a living doing what I love!

Swayze Foster

Memphis, TN

“I have quit my day job working for the government and now work full-time doing what I love”

I have a degree in business administration and I am a chartered accountant. I always dreamed to have my own business but never had THE idea. In fact, I never knew how to build a business by myself, even though I helped business owners to continue and grow their own businesses.

I followed the course How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement in 2008, and I now manage a website on yoga, which is my passion.

I have developed 15 yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation downloadble sessions and I did joint ventures with yoga teachers and subscribers to write a vegetarian recipes ebook and to publish an ebook on how to have a successful yoga practice.

I now make a living doing what I love! I have quit my job working for the government so I could do this full-time.

All of that would have been impossible without the course “How to make a living in the natural health movement”. With this course, I was able to determine what I would love to do. I learned all the necessary actions to take in order to build a successful online business

Frederic’s constant support and availability helped me tremendously to achieve the results I have. Additionally, Frederic was a very good coach by giving me good strategies to increase the sales and improve my website.

In the course, everything is designed to help the participant to succeed.

Maryse Leroux

“My income from daily sales is about to reach my salary”

I want to take opportunity hereby to express my thanks to Frederic for his wonderful course.

Being inspired by this course, I have written an e-book on curing sinus problems with a friend of mine. As I have investigated virtually all books and e-books on sinusitis, I am confident that we have succeeded to create the best. We have gathered many many positive responses from our readers.

We have just entered the online business but my income from daily sales is about to reach my salary. And, I believe we will do much better since we proceed in light of Fred’s instructions.

Fred’s course is terrific. It covers almost everything you need to know if you are to make sales online. I could not believe in the number of tips he gave in the set. Apparently, Fred spilled years of experience all over the course material. Also, I am personally delighted to have created a book which I would never imagine before getting Fred’s course.

It is an honour for me to be an author of a health book which I believe is very good. Many thanks to Frederic. It was his inspiration and step-by-step guidance what enabled us to create such a book and sell it online. And, we are now working on two others.

M. Reha Ozalp

Here’s an overview of the course

Let’s take a look at everything that’s included in this course.There are 28 modules that will be presented and made available as videos and PDFs in the course of 4 weeks.

This is the core of the program and contains everything you need to get started.

If our students feel there’s anything missing, we’ll create additional modules to cover everything.

Each module is between 10 and 25 minutes long and easily digestible.

Note: you don’t need to watch or listen to every single module… only those that are relevant to you. they also don’t need to be consumed in order.

Module 1

How to Design Your Ideal Life. Make your business become the vehicle to your ultimate goal and higher purpose. Avoid mistakes most people make when setting things up.

Module 2

How to Find the Right Target Market for Your Business. Including 5 popular dreams not worth pursuing!

Module 3

How to Write Great Articles. Get comments, visibility, traffic and sales with great articles. Discover how to write them in the shortest time possible.

Module 4

Quick WordPress Setup: How to Get Your Website Ready. It’s easy to set up and maintain your own website using these strategies!

Module 5

Designing a Beautiful Website. Everything you need to know to create a website you’ll be proud of, even on a budget.

Module 6

Finding and Working With a Payment Processor. How will you accept payments on your website? We’ll cover the different options and those to avoid!

Module 7

Driving Traffic to Your Website. Most methods used before 2013 are no longer relevant. We’ll review the latest ways to get traffic and subscribers.

Module 8

Converting Your Visitors Into Subscribers. We’ll teach you how to build a list of over 10,000 subscribers.

Module 9

Building a Successful YouTube Channel. Kevin has used this strategy to succeed with his business Renegade Health. He’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Module 10

The Secrets of Facebook Advertising. The most powerful source of cheap advertising can be at your disposal using the steps in this module.

Module 11

How to Use Google Adwords. Google’s advertising system for your business

Module 12

The Most Optimal Way to Use Facebook, Twiter and Other Social Media Sites. Don’t waste your time with social media unless you’re sure to get the result! We’ll show you how.

Module 13

How to Build an Opt-in Page. You’ll need this page for your online ads. Make sure you follow our steps to get the maximum number of subscribers!

Module 14

Setting Up Your Email Autoresponder. Get started with ezines using the setup strategies in this module.

Module 15

Creating a Promotional Calendar. This is at the core of what will generate income for your business.

Module 16

How to Write and Send Great Ezines. Between the two of us, we’ve sent over 5000 ezines over the year. We’ll teach you our steps to success.

Module 17

How to Write Killer Salesletters. Selling your products requires knowing how to write a killer salespage.

Module 18

The Marketing Funnel: Creating Your Product Line. This is the basics of marketing. You’ll love this module!

Module 19

Product Creation: How to Write and Produce eBooks. The staple of Internet Marketing are eBooks… for a good reason! We’ll show you how to set one up fast and easy.

Module 20

Product Creation: How to Create and Sell Multi-Media Courses. This could become your biggest source of income if you set it up properly.

Module 21

Podcast Time. Discover the secrets of podcasting as a source of content and traffic for your website.

Module 22

The Essential Fundamentals of Internet Marketing and Buying Psychology. How to use marketing laws to your advantage without passing for a used-car salesman.

Module 23

Surveys: How to Let your Visitors Tell you What to Write About and What to Sell. Without using surveys, you’re shooting in the dark!

Module 24

How to Publish a Physical Book on Amazon. Although not for everybody, a physical book is the best “business card” you can have and will open many doors of opportunity.

Module 25

Selling Kindle books and Other eBooks. This strategy can be great for passive income generation.

Module 26

Putting the Plan in Action. Discover how to organize your time and get things done.

Module 27

Outsourcing: What you Should Do and NOT Do. Don’t waste your time trying to become an expert at everything. Let others do the work for you.

Module 28

Setting Up Your Shopping Cart: Everything You Need to Know. Our shopping cart experts will show you how to set up your cart for success.

There are a total of 28 easily digestible Modules that cover everything you need to know in order to start generating passive income doing what you love.

In addition to these modules, we also offer plenty of live support, including:

  • Your Questions ALWAYS Answered — With this course, you will not be left on your own trying to figure things out. If you have a question, you can ask them directly below the modules, in the member’s area, and we’ll reply within 24 hours.
  • Four Q&A Calls Teleseminar Marathons ($400 value)— We also have planned FOUR live Q&A calls where you can ask any question you want and get them answered by us personally. I will not get off the phone until ALL of your questions are answered. Can’t come to the live calls? No problem, just send your questions in advance, and I will answer them during the call. Everybody also gets access to the recording to listen later.

Who Is It For?

The course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business” is perfect for everybody wanting to make a living with their passion on the Internet.

Beginners — If you’ve never made a single cent on the Internet and don’t have yet a website or even an idea, the course is a great place to start.

You’ll avoid all the mistakes that most people make and will get clear direction and focus on exactly what to do and NOT to do in order to succeed.

False Beginners — If you’ve taken some other Internet Marketing courses in the past, but are still procrastinating or are not advancing fast enough, the course will allow you to get past your “false start” and start making dramatic progress.

We’ll design a clear strategy for you to get to the next level and you’ll get coaching every step of the way.

Stop making excuses and finally get the help you desperately need!

“Advanced” Students — I consider anybody “advanced” if you make at least $500 a month on the Internet. If that’s you, the course will help you get to the next level which is earning a full-time living online. You’ll learn to optimize things you haven’t been doing properly and will get a TON of ideas for things you didn’t even think about!

What Sets This Course Apart From All Other Courses

If you’re still wondering whether you could find the same kind of information elsewhere, make sure the course you buy meets these requirements:

  • Learn about what works and what sells —Most courses only teach you knowledge about health, so you can go on and teach it to others. They don’t teach you how to actually set up your own business selling that knowledge. When you just learn the raw knowledge without the skills to make it work in the marketplace, you’re guaranteed a lot of struggle. Make sure you focus on learning how to build a business that brings you passive income, and remember that you can do it without being an expert yourself.
  • The course must include everything —There are several courses available on marketing, some on building your own website, others on giving seminars and workshops, others on clarifying your vision and passion. It would probably cost you thousands of dollars to get all of these courses (if you knew which ones to get, because most are junk), and then thousands of hours to sort through that information and make sense of it all. In the course How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement you’ll get all of the information you need distilled to the part that really matters and that you need to know, removing unnecessary fluff and confusion.
  • The Course Must Include Support — The course How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement is not a course you receive in the mail and then wonder what to do with it! You will get support from me personally when you need it.
  • Learn to make passive income — If you’re just learning to create a new job for yourself, you’re missing the point. You want to learn how to make passive income so the efforts you put into using the information you have learned earns you lots of dollars over and over again. Almost everything I teach in How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement is about making passive income while helping a lot of people.
  • Get checklists — Make sure that when you learn information you also know how to put it in action with a step-by-step system. This is why in my course I have included a dozen checklists that show you exactly what to do in order to succeed. I use these checklists myself on a daily basis and it took me years to compile them!
  • Learn how to make a living with your passion — If you invest in a course, make sure you can also apply the same information in other fields. Although this course focuses on making a living in the health field, you can use the same information for making a living with your passion, whatever it may be.

There’s just a bit more emphasis on how to use it in the Natural Health field, but the same information and techniques can be applied to any niche or interest. In fact, there’s an entire section about defining your passion. You may discover that it’s NOT Natural Health, and that’s perfectly fine, because you’ll be able to use the information anyway!

How Much Is It?

When I was getting ready to sell this course for the first time back in February 2007, I asked a business consultant, Andrew Barber Starkey from the company ProCoach, how much I should charge for this course. And do you know what he said? A minimum of $5000.

I then asked other consultants for other ideas about pricing, and got a similar answer back. Most of them told me I should do a live seminar and charge $5000 for it.

The other thing I have to consider in pricing this course, in addition to the countless hours that Kevin and I have spent over the last year and a half in compiling this information, is the money we I have spent ourselves to acquire it.

Here’s an overview of the personal investments I have made in order to gain that knowledge. This is just raw cash invested and excludes the value of our own time:

1 . Various seminars and training programs:$55,000
2 . Courses and training on marketing: $20,000+
3 . Personal coaching / business coaching: $40,000+
4 . Legal advice:$20,000+
5 . Money spent on researching various projects: $20,000+
TOTAL investment in money (not counting time): $185,000+

PS: This excludes the tens of thousands of dollars in “Costly Mistakes” that every business person has to go through in order to find the right systems that work.

With the course How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business, you’ll be spending a fraction of what most correspondence courses charge, for a lasting education you’ll be able to put to use right away and start earning some money.

The Course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business”

Pre-Order Our Next Live Course – November 2016

Limited to 50 Students only!

  • All 28+ modules and course material
  • All checklists, training videos & templates are included.
  • Four live teleseminars marathons where you can get personalized coaching
  • Access to our member’s area where you can ask questions.

Home Study Version (No Live Webinars)$997

Unlimited Students!

  • All 28+ modules and course material
  • All checklists, training videos & templates are included.
  • Access to our member’s area where you can ask questions.

There are no requirements to join this level: anyone can join, at any level of experience.


Pre-Order Live Course (Nov. 2016) $1997

Home Study Version $997

“Time-Sensitive, Limited Bonus You Can

Only Get if You Order NOW!” By now I’m sure you’re already convinced that the course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business” is an incredible value. But because this is the launch of the new edition of this course, I want to make this offer even better, with a time-sensitive bonus that is only available for the first orders.

For the Next 10 Orders Only

How to Write & Sell Your Own eBooks in 24 Hours or Less

In this program, you will discover:

  • How to write and sell your own eBooks in 24 hours of or less, from start to finish. If you take one hour a day for 24 days, you’ll get everything done in less than a month! If you take two hours a day, you’ll be done in less than 2 weeks!
  • You’ve written your eBook, now what? I’ll show you the 5 undisputed first steps you should take to get people to buy your eBook and start making real money selling it.
  • Discover my step-by-step formula for turning a $20 eBook into a $200+ product.
  • Exactly how to make moreo than $1000 a month in passive income on Kindle.
  • How to get a constant flow of good, original ideas to write your eBooks.
  • How to easily and simply overcome procrastination and overwhelm and develop strong skills and the confidence to create your own eBooks.
  • Clever strategies to deal with illegal piracy and copying of your eBooks.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how I write eBooks in a flash. With this method, you’ll be able to crank out new eBooks in 5 hours or less.

You’re Fully Protected With Our Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that the program “How to Succeed With Your Own Alternative Health Business” will be up to your expectations that we do not hesitate to offer you a very strong money-back guarantee.

For 60 days (from the date of purchase) go through the material in How to Succeed With Your Own Alternative Health Business and start to learn all our secrets about making a living doing what you love. If at any time that period, you honestly don’t feel that you got your money’s worth, simply let us know, and we’ll refund you 100% of your money. So you risk absolutely nothing. There is nothing to ship back. This is a simple and straightforward guarantee that we’re offering with great confidence because we know the program will deliver. There’s no “fine print” here. You have to be thrilled about the program. If you’re not going to benefit from this course, we would prefer to buy it back from you.

Why Should You Invest in This Course?

Here’s what one of our students had to say: “If I could go back in time and have had this very course available to me back when I started, it would literally have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars.” If you’re really serious about making a living with your passion, there’s really nowhere else to look to get started. Frederic Patenaude Kevin Gianni

The Course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business”

Pre-Order Our Next Live Course – November 2016

Limited to 50 Students only!

  • All 28+ modules and course material
  • All checklists, training videos & templates are included.
  • Four live teleseminars marathons where you can get personalized coaching
  • Access to our member’s area where you can ask questions.

Home Study Version (No Live Webinars)$997

Unlimited Students!

  • All 28+ modules and course material
  • All checklists, training videos & templates are included.
  • Access to our member’s area where you can ask questions.

There are no requirements to join this level: anyone can join, at any level of experience.


Pre-Order Live Course (Nov. 2016) $1997

Home Study Version $997

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