Healing Cancer World Summit Night #4 – Mike Adams and Marcus Freudenmann

Night #4 is over! It was an awesome evening and we’re sorry you missed the 24 hour listening period. If you do want to catch this call, you get access to it – along with all of the others – when you purchase our upgrade package.

This is a collection of 10+ hours of audio and transcripts that will give you insight into how these doctors and nutritionists are using protocols that they say can prevent or even treat cancer.

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Live Awesome!

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44 Responses to “Healing Cancer World Summit Night #4 – Mike Adams and Marcus Freudenmann”

  1. gail says:

    I’m so glad Mike is talking so blatantly. Let’s all wake up!

  2. Holly Winsman says:

    Please tell Mike we need to hear the entire truth, it is not available anywhere else and this will be the only place that he can air it.

  3. nilsholgerson says:

    It a bit making cancer. maybe something its good to create a athmosphere of healing. So some healing relaxing music between or osme ocean waves. You know kevin this is very hard topic rather than the HealthDEBATE.

    It realy hard topic and i wish you to give alot relaxing things. MAKE IT real. NOW its mostly words. SO if you realy wanna give something beside words maybe you can upload a sound athmosphere of rain, or waves or dolphines. Yeah i can google it!!! or look it at youtube!!! still thikn if you have it in the SSUMMIT it will help the people keep online. The tune i find sadly thrilling. Whatever. i learned a lot from this summit. Still it makes me adicted. and i feel it lack and missing LOVE and relaxation?! I miss gentle ness. and nonverbal comunication. And fun All the REAL things which heal cancer. this wawawawa. is very hard to listen and makes sick. Whatever…..

    lovely that you do it. thank you!!

  4. nilsholgerson says:

    Mike Adams, is somehow very minded on some things.Im getting sad by his words and they support sad and sad and sorrowing side of me. im very sad on his words.We cannot judge on people who wanna die. its more how can people die in thier respectful way. its the same to heal and cure and to die respectful. If someone dies and become compost and nourish plants it is in the circle of life again. everything is healing. So i cant judge someone who not wanna have healing i maybe can be such open in my heart and support her or him or it to leave this world in a respectful way and prepare his her its next life more lightful and joyful.

  5. Frederica says:

    Thank you for this HONEST and TRUTHFUL presentation.
    This is one of the best information about the devastating cancer
    healing approaches . And I Believe in holistic healing , it is the only way to overcome modern diseases.

  6. Lotte A. de Roy says:

    I have learned a lot by listening to Mike Adams and the other person
    and yet it is so overwhelming. Over the past few nights by listening to the
    people talking about cancer and holistic medicine is a lot to absorb.
    Indeed we in the USA we have the freedom to purchase any supplements and
    other dietary products. When a person has been diagnosed with cancer, a drastic lifestyle is eminent. Always try to think positive and laugh a lot,
    eat well, nutritiously and read labels.
    Thanks to Mike Adams newsletters I have become an educated learner.
    Many thanks Kevin for having this Health Event Summit on Cancer.
    Wishing that the FDA would allow the people that have been diagnosed to
    undergo alternative treatment instead of the highly toxic chemo/radiation.

    Perhaps in the near future we the people should all file a lawsuit against
    the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.

  7. Clint Holey says:

    This is a great format to allow those that want to learn an opportunity to hear pearls of wisdom. I am currently lacking the energy to reclaim my lust for life. I have followed the health ranger for a couple of months now. Very informative, but, it was a real shock to discover all the fraud and corruption within the medical establishment.
    It is inspiring to hear people who really care about humanity and wish to help those who are willing to listen. Right now I’m stuck in the knowing but not being able to do much phase. Financially unable to help with the cause but if on other websites I will post links. All this damn fluoride/gmo’s/chemtrail’s makes it difficult for anyone to stay healthy. Hopefully I can find a way to get started with a program to promote natural health. Psychologically, it really creates cognitive dissonance. The area where I reside, the farmers are in bed with the large gmo suppliers and also biofuels. They keep bragging up Avera and pushing flu shots. All the while they keep dumping fluoride at max levels in the public water supply. Of course every dentist in the area loves pushing silver amalgam fillings and fluoride treatments.
    Keep up the important service you provide. Hopefully all those that can financially help do so generously.

  8. Arline Saiki says:

    Fantastic! And soooo true. I have written repeatedly to all these wonderful cancer organizations asking them why they don’t tell people that birth control pill and mammograms cause cancer. They just ignore you. And it your remarks about the “fear” factor placebo effect was so enlightening. I have told so many people about natural healing and they are terrorized by their doctors and warned not to take supplements. Bravo! We are great fans of Natural News.

  9. Alice says:

    Thank you so much for all of your great work. I am thrilled that I can begin a regimen at home that will, hopefully, prevent cancer. As a biproduct, I will lose weight, which will also nurture better health and prevention. I am a firm believer in natural supplements and natural remedies. Western medicine frightens me. One of my sisters has cancer of the cervix, which is almost gone now. She had radiation, but refused chemotherapy and has been under the care of natural doctors. She feels terrific, is eating a healthier diet than ever before, and her cancer cell number has been decreasing consistently. Please continue to share your information at every possible venue. The sooner that your protocols are mainstream, the better. Thank you and God bless you!

  10. Josephine says:

    These are so great. The whole series is enlightening. A few opposite ideas have come up; yet the whole idea is that there is so much that can be done without creating so much distress and harm in people.

    For decades, I have told people that I don’t give a penny toward cancer research; there already are so many good cancer cures available.

  11. Han says:

    Mike Adams is completely wrong about Vitamin D, which really is STEROID!
    This steroid is suppressing immune system and you feel better (temporary) but the real cause of the disease is not solved (healed).
    Go to: mpkb.org

  12. Esther Wright says:

    I am so grateful for this project. I’ve read alot since my own cancer diagnosis two years ago. I chose the natural route and am healthy and doing everything I can to continue being alive and healthy. These speakers have confirmed that I’ve made the right decision and I so appreciate their courage and intelligence. Thank you Kevin for this gift of information. I’m praying that hundreds of thousands of people will have access to this material.

  13. VAN says:

    Really enjoy Mike Adams Lectures. Both great presentations and eye opening about the cancer profit industry. It’s sickening how these whole industry is profiting out of the cancer deaths of so many people. The truth needs to be told !

  14. admin says:

    @Han: The Marshall Protocol is just one interpretation of this issue. I’ve spoken to many people about it who are practitioners and they’re seen such great results that it trumps the theory. :-)

  15. Marion Van Cleef says:

    This is a great presentation through & through, extremely well done, very clear. I totally agree with Gail & Holly. Marcus’ research is incredible, Mike is absolutely right however unpalatable the truth is. I am so grateful to Kevin for organizing this webinar & to all the excellent speakers. All I can say, like Alice, is thank you so much.

  16. Han says:

    Let me quote Dr Bieler: “…not so long ago, newspapers were full of exciting pictures showing an arthritic cripple throwing away his crutches. Toxic products,which had been irritating the joints, were more rapidly eliminated by the kidneys after dosing the patient with the wonder drug…. But the last act of this vaudeville show was not pictured in the papers. The same patient, his adrenals exhausted from the overstimulation, lay victimized by advanced arthritis as well as drug poisoning.”
    What was this miracle drug?
    One of the top experts on autoimmune disease (Yehuda Shoenfeld)in his paper “The Role of Vitamin D in Regulating Immune Responses” says:
    “Vitamin D affects the immune system at many levels and by a number of mechanisms .. Vitamin D has multiple immunosuppressant properties .. On the whole, vitamin D confers an immunosuppressive effect.”

  17. gwen dunlop says:

    This interview with Mike Adams was really heartening! “Dark” or light, the truth is indeed freeing and reassuring. And we’re not starting at ground 0 but already well on the way to better alternatives, real and sustainable choices in making this a better world for all. A word about the animals, the voiceless upon whom all these pharmaseuticals are tested. When we choose natural for our health, we choose life for them as well.

    Job well done Kevin and Mike! Thanks so much for the education and raw, unadulterated truth. It’s more than time! sincerely, gwen

  18. Kathy Athur says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have just completed surgury, chemo therapy, and radiation for stage 3 breast cancer. I had no idea of any other options. I’m not sure if I would have chosen another option, I can relate to the fear that is ingrained in all of us. But with this information I know now what direction I will go in from here. None of my Doctors have given me any information about how to keep from getting it again.I feel now that I can choose to change things in my life and do something positive and not live in fear. This information is wonderful!

  19. Linda Tennant says:

    Kevin, Great job bringing all these experts together to educate us.
    I live in Toronto, Ontario. Can you tell me where there is a clinic in my area & doctors who treat cancer alternatively, please.

    Continued success,


  20. Peg says:

    So much great information this week. I am just going to comment on one thing that Mike said that helped make me feel better. I have three sisters–two of us spend lots of time on Natural News, Renegade Health, etc and the other two do not. They have each had health issues that I just know would be helped by some of the treatments I have learned about and have been so frustrated at their non-interest. Well, as Mike pointed out, if someone is ready, she will listen–so now I will just sometimes share and then let it go. Thanks, Mike

    And a big Thanks to Kevin for this program! :-)

  21. Jane Escalante says:

    I am getting a lot out of all of these speakers. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I have cancer and I am in the learners seat. God bless you.

  22. Naraleska says:

    I have enjoyed all the calls very much! I particularly enjoyed the accent from Marcus, as I am currently living in Germany ;P It was great!!
    I could just not understand very well which was Mike Adams webpage, it was to fast and I did not get it right, is there anyone who got it right?? please! thanks, I am off to watch “cancer is curable now” official trailer and see who I can get the movie!! Thanks Kevin

  23. Ginny says:

    Like Naraleska I have been enjoying the calls. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and would take slight issue with Mike about the value of mamograms – without one i would never have known I had (please note past tense!)cancer. I am also off to watch Marcus’ film since I need to take action to prevent the return of this disease.

    Also like Naraleska, I have missed some of the website addressses – would it be possible to place a list of them on this web page for us to refer to?

    Thank you Kevin for organising this summit – I would have refuse chemo if I had been offered it – I would now be able to do it with the confidence that I can find the alternative that will suit me so much more easily.

  24. Karolyn says:

    Hi Mike (Adams),
    Sorry to contradict you but leatrile (B17) is a mild cyanide compound, not arsenic. It is part of the thiocyanate family (cruciferous vegetable fame).
    I have been using it for over 8 years to control and manage a recurrence of lung cancer (after surgery), never used chemo or radiation.

  25. October 29, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Mike Adams is completely wrong about Vitamin D, which really is STEROID!
    This steroid is suppressing immune system and you feel better (temporary) but the real cause of the disease is not solved (healed).
    Go to: mpkb.org


    Sorry, Han, but you are the one who is wrong. Perhaps you should first find out what the definition of the term, “steroid”, is. It is an organic (ie. with a -C-H- backbone) compound with 4 x cyclo-alkane rings attached. And in your own body, Han, are steroids galore – glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, androgens, estrogens, and progestogens. Vit.D precursors are a pseudo-6th. group, technically more like sterols rather than strict steroids.

    So, there’s hundreds of steroids in your liver (AND guts) to synthesize various other hormones, enzymes, cytokines, etc.

    People often, for simple lack of understanding & knowledge, conveniently lump certain things with an unsavoury reputation in the same “basket” alongside other chemicals that bear the same generic name without realizing they are NOT the same.

    I think WHERE you might be confused is: anabolic steroids. They are NOT the same as the range of endogenous steroids required to synthesize thousands of different compounds in the liver.

  26. Jeniren says:

    Great Information. I read natural news.com whenever I can and live as healthily as I can in a way that Mike Adams would probably agree with. However I have a question about Vitamin D. What is it made from and how and where isit made? What sort of fillers are used with it and can these be harmful? Are all Vit D tablets basically the same and how can we choose between them if we need to?

  27. Geraldine says:

    Mike said that Vitamin D is washed off …I have heard this before by Dr.Mercola, and read it in Phillip Day’s booklet on Vitamin D. When I first heard this I found this to be rather odd, just didn’t make sense to me. Several months later I happen to be hearing an interview on radio by a professor who apparently has done extensive research on Vit D.

    She never mentioned during the interview this point,about it being washed off, so I thought if this were true wouldn’t this be an important issue to be raised? So I emailed her about it and she replied that “Vitamin D is actually formed below the skin surface from a chemical reaction: When the chemical 7-dehydrocholesterol, which accumulates in skin, absorbs UVB radiation, the energy from the UVB converts 7-dehydrocholesterol to vitamin D3. The whole chemical process takes several hours – around 8h (but not 48h).But because this all happens below the skin surface, use of soap wont make a difference.”

  28. This is a continuation of my last post, because I forgot to address the main issue Han brought up:

    SO, Vit.D suppresses the immune system. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE.

    I DON’T mean bio-chemical posturing or some schlock science or “junk theories”. I want solid RCT data: Randomized Double-blind Placebo-controlled Clinical Trials data.

    ALL you doubting “Thomases” about Vit.D: WHY don’t you learns from the world’s no.1 Vit.D expert, Prof.Michael Holick, Prof. of MEdicine & Physiology and Biophysics & Molecular Medicine, Boston Univ. You can watch his YouTube videos & Google for his books.

    NO, I’m not trying to give my good friend, Mike, a “plugging” – I’m doing YOU a favor, not him (he doesn’t need it!).

    I WILL be seeing Mike in 2 weeks time when he heads for Sydney from India on another part world tour. I will tell him about this ‘Cancer Summit’. Marcus & co. SHOULD HAVE gotten this expert onboard – he (Prof.Holick) is the undisputed No.1 world authority on Vit.D. He will be in Sydney courtesy of the mushroom industry. When you get to know his work, you will be amazed at what the man knows. He has carefully, methodically delineated, amongst others, the up-regulating effects of vit.D on various genes controlling apoptosis (eg.p53, p21) & its down-regulating effects on anti-apoptotic genes (eg. Bcl2 of the BAX family).

    This is a CENTRAL & Strategic concept in Cancer medicine NOT mentioned by anyone so far in this series of talks & neither is it mentioned in the foregoing e-mails from Marcus & co.: THIS is concept as HUGE as angiogenesis, immuno-competence, detox, methylation (another MAJOR consideration which I’ve said before NO ONE has covered), etc, etc: APOPTOSIS. THIS is a feature ALL cancer cells lack, and ALL healthy, normal cells have.

    So, what is it? It is the normal biological process by which a normal, healthy cell goes thro': it lives, performing its various designated functions, and then dies (“commits suicide”) at a genetically pre-determined time, and then gets generated again (a brand NEW cell of the same kind, but with “warts & all” – explain later!) from its DNA template. NOW, ALL normal, healthy cells in your body do that. The ONLY cells that do NOT obey this absolute, fundamental law of biology are your….cancer cells. NO, they don’t die – they just keep on living, multiplying, & the tumour mass gets larger.

    [What’s the “warts & all” comment above?: ALL of us, no matter how well we live, will have accumulated a certain amount of “genetic errors” imprinted in our DNA. When a normal cell dies (unlike a cancerous one which CANNOT – see below) and gets re-generated, the DNA it comes back with WILL carry ANY genetic errors it had accumulated from before (the body had DNA-RNA repair mnechanisms, but they are FAR from perfect, but you can improve these repair facilities with the right nutritional technology). This is the “warts & all”]

    Normal healthy cells are what you describe as well-differentiated. Cancer cells lack differentiation. The more advanced a cancer is, the more its cells lack differentiation. So, WHAT is this other crucial FUNDAMENTAL concept of cancer, DIFFERENTIATION?

    When you examine a bunch of normal healthy cells under a high-powered field (X 500)electron microscope, you will see an orderly structure – neat rows of cells without any jumbling up & super-imposition of cells one on top of the other, AND all the cell boundaries are well defined.

    And when you examine cancer cells under the same high-powered field, what you’ll see, depending on the advancement of the cancer, is a “battle field” – a highly disordered structure with cell borders becoming more & more indistinct. THIS cytological examination is the very basis of the biopsy procedure – the pathologist examines for recognized patterns of “disorder” or pathology in order to assign the cancer grades because most often, there are not 1 but several “disorder” grades that can be visually detected, EACH grade having its own individual grading figure, eg. the Gleason Scoring (for PCa), consisting of the 2 most prevalent abnormal, cancerous tissue patterns; for Breast Cancer, the Nottingham Scale, defined by 3 parameters (Nuclear Grade, Mitotic Rate, Tubular Formation, each one of these 3 having an individual grade from 1 – 3) is a little more complex, but still based on the same cytological examination of these abnormal tissue patterns.

    Part of our cancer-fighting strategy is to force the cancer cells to: RE-DIFFERENTIATE. You force them to try to revert to their original cytological configuration (via nutritional medicine) – the SAME configuration they had BEFORE they became cancerous. THIS is a big ask as now, you’re trying to get them to behave like normal again, and that requires some advanced genetic “manipulations” eg. correcting the signalling systems, turning on certain genetic “switches” & turning off others.

  29. Han says:

    @Dr.Lone Sky Macloud
    I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist (and even English is not my native language)but let me quote what other scientits say about so called Vitamin D:
    “All forms of vitamin D are secosteroids, sharing a close structural and functional resemblance to steroids. The full implications of a “vitamin” acting as a steroid has yet to be fully appreciated by many in the research community. The overlap between steroids and secosteroids is key to understanding the Marshall Pathogenesis. It explains how a “vitamin” can exert short-term palliative effects and long-term harm.
    Vitamin D is a secosteroid!
    All forms of vitamin D belong to a family of lipids called secosteroids. Secosteroids are very similar in structure to steroids except that two of the B-ring carbon atoms of the typical four steroid rings are not joined, whereas in steroids they are.
    The vitamins D act very much like steroids, binding nuclear receptors and modulating the immune response. Not only that, there’s growing evidence that vitamin D causes adverse side effects like chronic disease over the long term just like anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.
    Prof. T Marshal says:
    We have to remember that low serum 25-D is a result of the disease process, and not the cause. The more serious the disease, the greater the mortality, the greater the vitamin-D dysfunction, and the lower the measured 25-D quartile.”

  30. HAn, a secosteroid is simply a molecule similar to a steroid but with a “broken” ring. So what??

    Quoting you quoting somebodyelse: Not only that, there’s growing evidence that vitamin D causes adverse side effects like chronic disease over the long term just like anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.

    WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE? Is it in-vitro (in a test tube) or in-vivo. Show me even a tiny bit epidemiological evidence.

    You quoted: Prof. T Marshal says:
    We have to remember that low serum 25-D is a result of the disease process, and not the cause.

    NOT TRUE. Didn’t I say many posts ago: The human body is replete with Vit.D receptors, from head to toe. Amongst the organs the are highly concentrated in are tissues of the: breast, prostate, brain, nerves, heart, vascular endothelium, liver, kidneys. Where 1,25 di-hydroxy-cholecalciferol is low, pathology WILL initiate there because inter-cel;lular signalling has broken down. Prof.T Marshall, whoever, he is, has a lot to learn from Prof.Holick…..

  31. KowKow says:

    Mike Adams was right when he said that “you can’t play God by trying to force them to go on natural cures”. My mother passed away 2 weeks ago from complications of colon cancer. I’m convinced that the chemo killed her. I tried to help her by providing natural supplements, but she was so tired of taking drugs for gout, this for osteoporosis, another for nausea from the chemo, she didn’t want to go through another day of pills. I still wished that she lived to see her 69th birthday a week from now…

  32. Larry Laird says:

    Great seminar, Kevin. A lot to try and digest at 5 sittings. Mike from natural news was very informative and the one part about how big pharma owns a lot of these vitamin companies and they produce chemical based vitamins really has changed the way I will shop for healthy products. Great seminar; thanks again.

  33. Geraldine says:

    Going back to my last post about the issue of washing Vitamin D off, well I just heard a re run of an interview with the expert on Vitamin D, Professor Michael Holick (July 2011)

    and he also states that ‘you cannot wash Vitamin D off the skin’ He went on to say ‘once you make Vitmin D in the skin it stays there and slowly is released into your bloodstream.’

    Interestingly he and the professor I emailed from Sydney Uni(Rebecca Mason) are both going to be guest speakers in November 2011 about Vitamin D in Australia.

    I question where Mike Admas got this idea from? I found out when I questioned Phillip Day about it, that he got it from Dr. Mercola.
    Either way, hearing from 2 experts on Vitamin D that washing it off the skin is not true.

  34. Yakitah Jones says:

    Both speakers were absolutely incredable. I especially favored Mike Adams,
    because he’s a no Nonsense type individual, like myself. I’m a self taught
    Herbalist/Nutritionist and I practice wholistic healing. He was also right
    on, when he said you can’t help your own Family members in most cases. It seems to be the nature of the beast I suppose. It was written Biblically, that a Prophet is not welcome in his own hometown. Isn’t that shameful?

    Well that’s where we are, those of us who practice Alternatives and try to
    sincerely help save our love ones from themselves and the White Jackets.

    Peace to all Reputable Healers.


  35. Ina Felsher says:

    Are you aware of the Cancer cure of Dr. Burzynski. This can be seen on the comprehensive documentary-Burzynskimovie.com. This is free on youtube.

    This doctor has been curing the most lethal brain tumors in children for almost 40 years.

    This is a must see!

    It exposes how the FDA went to beyond extreme lengths to sabotage this doctor
    stop jis work and ultimately jeopardize the lives of the people he was saving.

    On the topic of prevention, please visit my website http://www.inajuiceplus.com to view this video “The Whole Truth”. Click the category resources and scroll down. You will discover how vital nutrition is to the preservation of our health.

  36. Ladi says:

    Hi Kevin,
    this was awesome. I liked both speakers. I admire Mike Adams for years for his honesty and his courage, he is better than wikileaks, goes straight to the point and names everybody in this rotten system. I like his newsletter http://www.naturalnews.com/ very much, and would recommend to everybody. Thanks to God there are people like Mike and a few others, including Dr. Mercola, etc.
    Regarding the comments, I would like to thank to Dr.Lone Sky Macloud for his precise scientific explanations, although sometimes I am sweating trying to refresh my chemistry :-) But I have same problems when studying other scientific materials on the net (even from Harvard or Oxford and other medical libraries). For this reason I found more “humane” Myron Berney and his websites http://www.facebook.com/myberney and http://naturalcancerwellnessfoundation.org/ where people do not need knowledge of chemistry.

    For Ginny:
    there is better and safer test than mammogram, it is thermography, you can find lot of information on Mike Adams site, here is one: http://www.naturalnews.com/032618_breast_thermography_FDA.html

    For Linda Tennant:
    If Kevin won’t be able to give you some address for Toronto I will send him one tomorrow and he can forward it to you. There is one very good clinic, I spoke to one doctor for over one hour and he explained to me everything. I did not need it yet, as I do my own healing, but maybe one day I will. I am also considering some other tests in Toronto: AMP bloodless blood test, where you get 117 results, plus they tell you what’s wrong with every organ; and BTA test.

  37. Geraldine
    October 30, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Going back to my last post about the issue of washing Vitamin D off, well I just heard a re run of an interview with the expert on Vitamin D, Professor Michael Holick (July 2011)

    and he also states that ‘you cannot wash Vitamin D off the skin’ He went on to say ‘once you make Vitmin D in the skin it stays there and slowly is released into your bloodstream.’

    I question where Mike Admas got this idea from? I found out when I questioned Phillip Day about it, that he got it from Dr. Mercola.
    Either way, hearing from 2 experts on Vitamin D that washing it off the skin is not true.


    Mercola got it wrong, dead wrong.

  38. Anne says:

    I especially enjoyed Marcus’ comments. He has been all over the world, has objectively looked at more clinics and talked to more cancer doctors than anyone I know of. His comments are very well reasoned and expressed. I like his conversational style of speaking, not too rushed, so I can take in what was just said before the speaker goes on to another point. Tho the moderator [Kevin] was always cool and composed, many of the interviewees had so much to say and rushed to say amap in the hour. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try devoting the entire 2 hours to one interview.

  39. yigal says:

    My theory about vitamin D deficiency :

    When we wash our hand and body with soap,its wash off essential oil from our skin.
    This oil,i think,is important in the vit.D metabolism.
    My guess its interupt and decress the vit.D absorption in the deeper skin tissue.
    love to hear your thought about it.

  40. Charlotte Bridge says:

    Working as a Nutritionist i support quite a few cancer patients but have the greates difficulty to persuade them to go the whole way and do it all. I recommend clinics, hyperthermia etc but so often fail to get the person to really grab the bull by the horn and do it all. These interview have now given me all the necessary material to hand out and get people to listen to what has been said during these last few nights. i have been overcome with gratitude to you kevon to get all these peole on board. especially those whgo have been so honest to let us know how politics are actually preventing us from regaining our health and preventing us from gettng cancer in the first place. What we need is precise information on all the itegrated and alternative programmes on offer so that my patients can make informed choices. The biggest problem of all as most of your speakers recognised is that following diagnosis of cance they go into a stae of shock and can no longer think for themselves. They are so scaredofwaiting a while and looking around for other options that they throw themselves headlong inbto chemo, radiation and surgery. The pressure is on fromthe medics, the family etc. I see thios all the time but hopefully with all this new info I shall be able to support my patients a lot better.
    Thank you ,this is where we need to start en work on the politicians. I believe Reagan cured himself the alternative way of his cancer and this has been kept very quiet.

    Thank you again

  41. Nancy Campbell says:

    Thank you for this entire program. I am not too swift with computers; so I appreciate the simplicity of the directions and just that it was email (which I understand).

    I would appreciate names and websites and movie names, etc. being written. I totally missed the full names of the two survivors in Day 5.

    I do not have cancer, but for several years have been researching alternative prevention – to be prepared. I take lots of supplements, mostly based in information from reading Life Extension material and getting newsletters from David Williams, Dr Rowland and several others. Your interviews with actual doctors were just what I wanted to hear; it was like going for the initial visit to their offices. I’m much clearer about what I would do and where I would go. I also realize that I have to clean up my diet and get more sleep. Now that I know what to do, I’m choosing to believe that I’ll be fine.

    Thanks again. This is a comment regarding the whole program.

  42. Ida says:

    Thanks Keven for your hard work to put this program together. It was interesting.

  43. DeWayne Wirt says:

    Dr. Mercola did at one point say that Vitamin D could be washed away, But he has recanted since he said that.

  44. Molly says:

    Marcus is a great guest to have. He started out helping people with the emotional traumas in their life (present and past lives is important) and then when he got into the world-wide research began sharing the info in the entertaining way that ADD-type people seem to need these days. (video/film)

    His “Sheeple” video is fantastic, and sadly, too true. Hope it will be the instigation people need to start questioning the status quo and looking for answers in the right places. It’s shocking how blind people are these days.