The Healing Cancer World Summit – Welcome! Important Details Follow…

Welcome to the Healing Cancer World Summit!

This is is ground-breaking, controversial, and educational event that will bring over 10 hours of natural and integrative cancer prevention and treatment to your living room.

It’s going to be an awesome event and likely a once in a lifetime experience to listen in from free.

In this post, I’m going to share some very simple instructions on how to listen to this program, how to access the calls and how you can help spread the word!

Let’s get going…

First up, these calls are free to listen to for 24 hours. The reason why is because (1) there are a bunch of International listeners and (2) I want to give those who may have missed a call a chance to listen in if they can within the 24 hour period. If you go to a live event, there is no replay, so we’re glad to be able to give this opportunity to you.

If you can’t make the calls, or want to listen again, you can get our special upgrade package. This upgrade is affordable and will allow you to have lifetime access to this program!

Here’s where you can read more now…

Second, to listen to these calls, it’s incredibly easy.

If you can watch a YouTube video or listen to an MP3, you will be able to listen to these calls. Each starts at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST and will be available on the blog page here:

The post will only be available at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST, and will be posted here for 24 hours.

If the call is not here, and it’s after these times for that particular date, please refresh your screen. Chances are it’s there, you just need to refresh your browser.

Third, if you do have an issue listening to the calls, please make sure you have updated your Flash Player here:

I think that’s it!

The schedule will be released on this blog page in the next 48 hours so be sure to check back again soon!

Please make sure you clear out your schedule to check in and listen to all of these calls – they may just save your life.

Live Awesome!

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110 Responses to “The Healing Cancer World Summit – Welcome! Important Details Follow…”

  1. Walter F. Epley says:

    Dear Kevin and Coworkers: Thanks so much for this great GROUNDBREAKING program. It is so helpful, and I am not even diagnosed with cancer. The help here for non-cancer people is incredible, also. I’m on the Body Ecology Diet, and have noticed several similarities with the diet recommendations for cancer patients. This is an exciting format, and probably very do-able again. Best wishes to you in your work. Thanks again, Walt.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Enjoyed this summit. Mike Adams said a couple of things that are factually wrong. Hoxsey did not get his formula from the American Indians, the story is it was handed down to him from his grandfather. Secondly, Laetrile does not release ‘arsenic’ to kill cancer cells, it releases ‘cyanide’. The most interesting speakers to me were Dr. Gonzalez and of course the amazing Charlotte Gerson!

  3. Asia Leone says:


    thank you again for your hard work. this information was vital, enriching and encouraging. i feel less frightened if i have a recurrence, less frightened that i’ve never been able to afford health insurance, and i feel armed to help myself and others, because i know who i will seek out to be my physicians and practitioners.

    like the “great diet debate” earlier this year, i have more confidence in my eating choices and the future of my health. thank you for the variety of opinions and options. different as they may be, it only buttresses what was learned in the diet debate: eat whole foods for your metabolic type, dump the sugar and the processed crap that fuels industries that profit from a sick world.

    in deep gratitude, asia

  4. Barbara Horsfall says:

    The information for the past 5 nights has been incredible and very valuable to giving hope to many. Giving a death sentence from a Doctor will put the body into shock and drastically drop the immune system. I am thankful for this information that has now finally been given to the public. My mother had past of Leukemia over 25 yrs ago, and had cancer for years she was a fighter. My father had a doctor giving her large doses of Vit C, and then the doctor stopped and refused to give the Vit C and the Leukemia took her quickly. It is very encouraging for other cancer patients to find out this is possible, and done right can make a huge difference with helping battle the cancer. My father is a Physicist and understood a little bit more than the medical profession at that time, and had extended her life. I am aware of the bureaucratic cover ups that sounded way off base that Mike Adams referred to when in reality he is speaking the truth and when you research this information you will be shocked what you start uncovering, for there is so much swept under the rug, that we have all been lied to.
    I heard a doctor speak that had her MD license revoked for not giving out the required amount of prescriptions that were mandatory per month. Her boss had informed her to make something up and get the patient on any kind of drug as long as she had her quota she had a job. She lost her license and moved out of the US. I have followed Mike Adams for years with his articles and he is right on target. They mentioned Air being contaminated but did not bring up the name Chemtrails even 60 minutes made note of this you will want to goggle it, and become aware. For this is also a major factor on our food as well. The water has always been a factor that now people are realizing, and are waking up. The GMO’S are going into big profit and making everyone sick, and the documentation is being proven other countries outlaw GMOS for they know what it does to our bodies and have documents,that the US ignores.
    I feel more comfortable and very thankful for this new company that is emerging to allow others to get some very healthy choices. I will now be able to go out and share this information with others with healthy organic food with also magazines and brochures, and a company that will be going around the country to give conferences is on a mission to get millions aware, to change the health of America. You can find out more and get the food for a discount or become involved and after hearing these doctors refer to not only organic but certain nutrients many of these crucial nutrients and minerals are included in drinks and other products with pro-biotics, this is new and a way to get healthier and keep your body well.

    Be one of the first to try these cutting edge products, including Green-Fed Beef; Really Raw Cheese; Amasai, a cultured dairy product; Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water; Reign Botanical Infusions and Probiotic Water; Probiotic Chocolate and Flax Oil! There’s nothing else like them anywhere! You can simply purchase as a retail or preferred customer who gets 20% off from this link. Why not sign up today? There is no obligation. :

  5. Thea says:

    Thank you Kevin. It’s so high time that we all wake up and take the care of our health into our own hands and responsibility.

    The segment with Burton Goldberg does not have very good audio quality. Can that be improved before I buy the set?

    Thanks again for this tremendous eye opener for everyone. Unfortunately many around that are afflicted by cancer are so totally stuck on allopathy and happily become gunea pigs for scrupulous and self serving physicians and surgeons. I have personally witnessed this and could not do anything about it because the patient (my ex-husband so believed in his doctor), who was like God to him and had him suffer for one and one half year just to get more grant money for his teaching unit in the teaching hospital.

    Cancer is the biggest money making industry for convential treatments.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I hope you will not go through this summit without recognizing and addressing the amazing natural cure of medicinal hemp oil – nature’s medicine. This gentle and natural cure has been undermined by Big Pharma because as a living plant, it cannot be patented. To ignore this powerful cure is irresponsible. Check it out for yourselves.

  7. Kaiulani Schuler says:

    Great stuff… loved it. I had 4 kinds of cancer 4 years ago and I healed myself without chemo. I am cancer free.

    FYI is not a valid URL. Would like to know Kelly’s correct URL


  8. Nancy Kerbs says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I am a very busy person, But I took time out to listen to 4 out of 5 nights. I just loved the info. and am thankful to find out so many resources that I did not know were available to us. I love helping others get well, and of course my own family. So excited to see the the healthy way of fighting disease to become more mainstream. My mom was a health food addict before it was ever popular. She started in about 1943. She worked with Dr. Bernard Jenson. I got a lot of new ideas, and am excited to check out all of the websites.
    Best to you in the future.
    Nancy Kerbs

  9. Eve says:

    Job well done. What we need to do now is organize a support group in every city/country to keep supporting one another as we move along our journey in life. As Burt Goldberg stated: “we all have cancer cells.” We need to be able to support each other with alternative and integrative help.
    Thanks again for be the catalyst for this search.

  10. admin says:

    @Thea: All audios are improved for CD. The quality for web is less. :-)