The Renegade Health Bodyweight Fundamentals book

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Use this book to...

  • Lose weight
  • Get more energy
  • Build strength
  • Get as flexible and limber as a yogi
This manual has over 100 exercises and stretches, plus 15 workouts for all ages and levels - from beginner to advanced.

Bodyweight Exercises

7 Reasons Why You Can and Will Lose Weight

and Reach Optimal Health Fast with Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are your ticket to fantastic health in the least amount of time.

Using these exercises is a unique and exciting way to workout because it puts you in the driver's seat and lets you create your own routines whenever and wherever you like--without any equipment

Knowing a few quick bodyweight routines is like having your own personal trainer on call at all times! You can pick and choose the exercises you feel like doing, mix them up a little from time to time and know that you're getting a killer workout every time!

Reason #1: Many people think they don't have the time to exercise.

One thing is true... many people don't have the time to exercise CONVENTIONALLY—which means 30 minutes a day, plus the time it takes to get to the gym and then the time it takes to shower afterwards. It seems like the demands of today's society have grown exponentially. I have a friend that is a lawyer and he doesn't leave the office until 10:00PM on a slow day. He's there on the weekends too

Bodyweight exercises give you the ability to exercise quickly and efficiently in your office, at home, outside, in a hotel room, or any other place you may be. It is a relief to many people to find out that you don't need to go the gym to have an awesome workout. Most bodyweight exercises can be done in a 6X6 space.

Reason #2: Many people have low energy and for that reason have trouble finding the reserves to exercise at all.

This is unfortunately a fact that stops many people from exercising, but just doing a few quick twists, push ups, tablemakers, squats and other bodyweight gems, you can get the energy you've been looking for—quick.

To understand why you have little energy if you are not working out or not keeping a steady schedule and why these bodyweight exercises work we need to look at exercise and energy at a very basic level.

Inside your cells (don't worry, we'll make this as simple as possible!), little powerhouses (called mitochondria) produce the energy your body uses to function. When you are inactive, the number of powerhouses in your cells is decreased because your body does not need them. If you don't exercise frequently, chances are your body is only efficient for what you do most... not exercise.

When you exercise, the mitochondria in your cells multiply because your body needs to produce more energy. When this happens, there are more powerhouses in your cells and you produce more energy. These powerhouses don't just go away after you exercise... they stay in your body and produce energy when needed.

This is how exercise gets you the energy you need to do the things you want!

The number of mitochondria start to decrease again only after a period of inactivity. So once you can sustain a level of exercise (changes in your physiology can start after your first minute of exercise), you will be able to sustain a level of energy that you may never have had before!

Bodyweight programs will give you the flexibility to workout more frequently without having to worry about where and when. They are perfect for the busy person.

Reason #3: The gym is not for everyone. And it's expensive!

The investment in a few bodyweight exercise programs and books can save you thousands of dollars a year in gym fees. The cost of an exercise ebook or video is less than any monthly gym fee I've seen recently and these exercises will last you a lifetime.

Reason #4: Gym equipment can get you injured and does not prepare you for everyday functional strength.

Bench press, squats with weight, dead lift, shoulder press, etc. We don't need to list all the exercises that will injure you at the gym. Adding weights to a workout that is just as demanding without them is a recipe for injury.

Bodyweight exercises use your own weight as resistance. By doing these exercises you increase your flexibility, balance and strength all at once. You no longer need to separate stretching, abs, legs, chest, and warm-up. When you progress through a well thought out bodyweight plan, you will hit many of these places with two or three exercises!

Reason #5: Not everyone has the money for a personal trainer, but everyone has the equipment

Personal Training is fantastic. It is wonderful to have someone with you and rooting for you the entire way through a physical transformation. It is also expensive. Some personal trainers can charge $100 or more an hour.

Again, you can pay $30-50 on a video download and an ebook of bodyweight exercises that will last you forever!

You don't have to pay a dime for the equipment.

Reason #6: Some weight training programs have little flexibility. There is little freedom in a set exercise plan.

Places like Curves and Slender Lady work on a circuit training system where you do the same exercises every time in an allotted time. I think that's pretty boring. There are thousands of bodyweight exercises that you can bring into your toolbox and use when you're tired of others.

We suggest you try to incorporate as many bodyweight exercises in your workouts. If you don't like one, there are most likely 2 or 3 others that work the same muscles, so you don't have to worry that you're missing out on a body part!

Reason #7: Incredible benefits!

Once you start using bodyweight exercises in your weekly routine, here are only a few things that will happen to you:

  • You will feel more energized during the day.
  • You will wake up with energy.
  • You will be more productive at work or at home.
  • You will find more time to do the things you want to do and have the energy to do them.
  • You will have better relationships.
  • You will have more self-confidence.
  • You will have better sex.
  • You will feel great and smile more often (I promise!).
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