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"One Herb to Replace a Full Medicine Cabinet!"

This herb can heal intestinal problems, cure bad breath, calm an upset stomach, prevent inflammation, fight parasites, and stop diarrhea.

How come we use drugs full of side-effects and have never heard of this simple remedy?

A few years ago, Annmarie and I spent a lot of time in Peru. We took several trips there, to get away from the fast-paced life in the US, but also to discover foods, herbs and practices that we can bring back and share with our health-minded community. 

On a hike above the Sacred Valley in Peru, Jackie bent over to pick a few branches of a plant he called "muña" (pronounced - moon-yuh).

As I went to smell the herb, I was blown away by the minty, fresh smell. I was almost unable to separate myself from it, like a cat to catnip (minus the rolling, darting and hallucinating). 

She told me this was one of the most widely used medicines in her village. Later we made a tea by simply steeping the leaves and branches in hot water.

The flavor is a combination of strong mint with earthy tones and one of my most favorite from Peru. Medicinally, muña is used in Peruvian traditions for kidney support, reducing inflammation and digestive ailments.

The herb is also called the Andean Mint, but I think you'll notice by trying it that it is not your average mint!

After this tour, I saw muna everywhere. It was offered as a tea at all the restaurants. It was sold in the supplement stores as a digestive tonic. And you could find the extract in many anti-bacterial tinctures and drinks. 
Jackie showed me the abundant muna around the slopes of her village. She told me that her family and their ancestors have used the herb for thousands of years for stomach issues, digestion, overall energy boost, and to improve circulation.
I knew this was something I had to bring back to the US and share with my readers. 
I wanted to give Jackie a chance to give sustainable jobs to the village, where people often struggle to make a living. So we arranged for them to pick the herb, dry it as they traditionally do, and arrange shipping to the US. 

This Herb Almost Landed Me In Jail! :)

The next day I went to work making arrangements.

But my contain explained that exporting flora from Peru is very highly regulated. You need to have permits, pay fees, and follow more complicated procedures.

Any attempt to not following these rules “can even land you in jail…..!”

Peruvian prison is not for guys like me. I’m big, but I’m kind of a wimp. I don’t do drugs. I’m not good at lying. And I definitely have never bribed anyone before.

All these skills I felt would have been necessary if I wanted to even survive a few days in a holding cell with some of Peru’s nastiest criminals.

Do you think I’d last in a Peruvian prison? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So, Is An Herb Worth Going to Jail For?

I can’t say any herb is worth going to a Peruvian prison for, but I can tell you that using muña is like being in the foothills of the Andes.

It took us 8 months of hard work, we’ve finally been able to bring this herb into the country with all the appropriate paperwork and documentation.

Annmarie with Peruvian children (first child is holding fresh muña)

How Muña Can Replace a Full Medine Cabinet

In Peru I discovered this amazing herb that most of the population there uses to replace the equivalent of an entire medicine cabinet in the US. 
Studies showed that the infusion of muna can protect the gastric membrane, which in turn protects against various kinds of harmful bacteria. 
It's also used to: 
- Heal intestinal problems
- Cure bad breath
- Overcome excess stomach acidity
- Calm indigestion 
- Prevent the inflammation of wounds 
- Fight parasites
- Stop diarrhea 
Muna can be used as a tea in reasonable amounts, drinking one or two cups when you feel the need for it.  
The only people who should avoid it are pregnant and lactating mothers. 

Muna is also used for those who are sensitive to altitude, but if you’re at sea level, this is a benefit as well. Muna will increase circulation which in turn can bring more oxygen to your cells. As you probably know, oxygen is one of the most important raw materials our cells need.
It’s truly an ancient medicine that hasn’t left the Andes until now. Our muña is picked fresh, dried and then bagged so that it comes to you as close to harvest as possible.

How to Use Muña

This special herb is used mainly in teas. To make muña tea, bring water to a boil. Pour into a cup and add a few stems with leaves. Steep for 5 minutes. There's no need to remove the muña while you drink. Add your favorite sweetener. If you're the creative type, you can use the herb to make Kombucha's or other elixirs.

I like to sweeten it with just a splash of honey, or maple syrup. 

Note: You can also make an herbal tincture with muña. Just place an entire bag in a sealable jar and add vodka (or other alcohol 40 proof) to just over the top of the herb. Let this tincture sit for at least 4 weeks.

Money Back Guarantee

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If you’re aren’t satisfied with our muña, we have a 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee to protect you.

Try it for yourself.

If you don't like it, just send them back for a full refund (including shipping), no questions asked.

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